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I never thought that staying in a temporary home (hubby and me were supposed to stay in a house for 3-months then look for our own place but ended up staying put for 1.5 years!) could result in 6 car loads of stuff! Where did all these stuff come from? And they're supposedly all mine. Well, he considers the TV, computer, microwave, kitchen ware and pillows and other furniture my stuff. Sigh..Hubby only has a car load of his stuff. Mostly his work things. He didn't bother bringing his clothes from his mum's house to the temporary home as it was only only temporary. Pfft.

My mom-in-law warned me to start packing early to avoid rushing when moving out and I cooly told her that I only had a few things to pack. 2 trips would be more than enough. Hah! she must have thought when she found out that I finally managed to pack 90% of the stuff in 6 trips. I have one or two more trips to make to collect some just-washed clothes, a shoe rack, a pail and a mop, and some wedding gifts w…

Quiz: What kind of party host are you?

The year end brings a lot of festivities and most of us feel the excitement of hosting or attending a party. Chatting with friends, acting a little loony, enjoying good food and music. If you're planning to host a party, what kind of host would you be? I stumbled upon this quiz by Beth Morrissey which you might like. Have fun!

1. Your sister is about to get married and the job of arranging a bridal shower has fallen on your shoulders. What do you do?
a. Send the wedding planner a quick e-mail and figure she’ll take care of it.
b. Pick up some party favors, lay out a spread of finger food, and charge your camera so you won’t miss a single second of your sister wearing a toilet-paper veil.
c. Call the harpist, up your standing order with the florist, and book a week’s vacation so that you can wax the floors and repaint the walls.

2. It’s your turn to host the book-club meeting. What’s the plan?
a. Call the closest coffee shop and reserve the couches at the back. Maybe you’ll even sp…

How to be a charming hostess

Those planning to host parties usually worry about the food, the music, the entertainment. They sometimes forget to be host. By this I mean that they forget that their guests are there for THEM and not just the food, the music and the entertainment. That's why event planners come in. They do the worrying for you while you be the perfect host. Here are some tips on becoming the charming hostess: Be comfortable. Your guests will take subconscious clues from you. If you’re laughing, talking to people and having a good time, chances are greater that they will too. If the party is at your house, do as much housework as you need to in order to feel the place is presentable. If you’re hosting a gathering at a restaurant or the like, make sure you’re confident the coordinator understands your needs. Your comfort will also come from what you’re wearing. Fidgeting and adjusting is distracting for you and your guests.
Divide labor. You don’t want to be doing everything yourself because that …

The new venture

When I made up my mind to resign from the kids science camp company within 24 hours, there was worry all around me. Mostly from loved ones. I didn't have time to worry. I just had to DO something so the basic instinct was to start something and QUICK! Besides, my hubby took the plunge when he started Planet Football in 1999. Why not me? The worst that can happen is not having a salary for 3 months before panicking and looking for a new job!

I identified my strengths as being creative, positive, and patient. I know how to organize events well. I had gained my skills from the French company I literally grew up with. I knew how to plan and execute. Initially, I did try applying for 2 event companies but they claimed that with my luxurious background, I wouldn't be able to adapt to the events that they do eg. trade shows and such. They stressed about late nights and missing family time. Wokay then..

They could have been right. I might not have been able to adapt to the fact that …

The making of my career

For those who know me, they'll know that I was lucky enough to work for an international French luxury brand for 8 years. I started off working in the fashion boutique for 8 months in KLCC, after which I started feeling like a fish in an aquarium with people looking in though we can't really see what's happening outside the boutique with the reflection of glass and all that.

The pay was good. Really good. Despite our basic pay being low, the commission was excellent and I felt comfortable enough to pay for my own expenses. I'm hardly the type to shop so I managed to have a bit of savings then. What made me leave was really the long hours standing. I developed a tiny foot injury (which I still have when I stand for too long). I took a short break before receiving a call from the HQ thanks to the Executive Director who saw the potential in me. I'll always be grateful.

I was made assistant to an ultra chic Communications Manager who had a reputation of being a real …

Bako National Park

Enough reminiscing about my childhood for now. I just came back from a fantastic trip to Bako National Park, Sarawak. It was unusually hectic days before the trip and I ended up packing just 4 hours before the 8am flight. This coming from me, is a big deal (I planned the trip in May!). It didn't help that I only had 1.5 hours of sleep! There were seven of us going (a family of four, my hubby, a gal pal (J) and me and the excitement set in once on board the Air Asia plane (before I dozed off).

We landed at the Kuching airport just after 10am and got two cabs to bring us to the ferry terminal. It cost us RM53 a cab, an alternative to taking a cab to Kuching city and then taking a Petra bus from there. Sure, it would have cost us less, but it would definitely have taken longer defeating the purpose of taking an early flight.

We had a silent cab driver, a contrast to our fellow members' cab driver which was quite a good thing since we were all pretty groggy. My hubby, as usual, wor…