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I never thought that staying in a temporary home (hubby and me were supposed to stay in a house for 3-months then look for our own place but ended up staying put for 1.5 years!) could result in 6 car loads of stuff! Where did all these stuff come from? And they're supposedly all mine. Well, he considers the TV, computer, microwave, kitchen ware and pillows and other furniture my stuff. Sigh..Hubby only has a car load of his stuff. Mostly his work things. He didn't bother bringing his clothes from his mum's house to the temporary home as it was only only temporary. Pfft.

My mom-in-law warned me to start packing early to avoid rushing when moving out and I cooly told her that I only had a few things to pack. 2 trips would be more than enough. Hah! she must have thought when she found out that I finally managed to pack 90% of the stuff in 6 trips. I have one or two more trips to make to collect some just-washed clothes, a shoe rack, a pail and a mop, and some wedding gifts which really couldn't fit into the 6th load of stuff.

Sigh..really, where did all these clothes come from? And so many tiny tiny things that make up a lot of things. It doesn't help that both hubby and I work from home so we had "office" supplies to transfer too.

I'm pretty excited about this new place. It's not really new new as it's my in-laws' place which they used to rent out but it's something I see us living in for a long period of time. (I don't want to have 10 car loads of stuff to transfer later on, though!) I'm excited mainly because I get to treat it like a permanent home where I can spend time decorating and entertaining friends (and work from too!)

The place was cleaned up before we moved in so it's more just a little dusting of shelves, unpacking and we're good to settle in. Oh! And we brought the cat that came with the temporary home. Smokey we call him due to his dusty brownish colour. Such a rascal he is. He used to come by to the temporary home just for his meals and short naps on the hall carpet or a just for a scratch but never stayed the night. Just as we finally confirmed that we were moving out, he went MIA. Despite us knowing that he wasn't ours, we felt a tad worried. I even shed a
tear (literally) when I thought that I wouldn't be able to say goodbye. Just as I was about to enter the house 4 nights after last seeing him and shedding a tear, I heard a meow from behind me. I felt so relieved!

Smokey looked battered and worn from a cat fight that must have left him incapable of moving for the past few nights. He was stinky and dirty but who gave a care? I quickly poured him his cat food and refilled his pail of water. He later went off to his nightly duties and left me to a good night's sleep.

He came back the next day looking worse in the daylight. It was decided that we would bring him to a vet before we went for a weekend visit to my mum's. Just as we were ready to leave, he was nowhere to be found! We felt pretty useless but we couldn't wait for him to come back so we left.

We came back the next day and I was greeted by a sick-cat pong inside the house as I opened the door. Uh oh! I was hoping it was just a smell from the outside but no!!! It was him behind some bags, not looking very healthy. He had spent the night there! We must have missed him on our way out the day before. As it was a Sunday, most vets close early so I made a few calls to cat lovers I knew and got a vet in Taman Tun. Oh! But that's only the beginning!

I had no cage! As we were moving we had some extra boxes so we decided to seal him into one of the boxes (with breathing space of course!) Oh but he was strong and resistant and he pee-ed in the box in his state of anxiety. Sigh..we managed to capture him and hold the box lid down with the only thing that was heavy and big enough at that time- the dustbin!

After 20 minutes of travelling we reached the vet only to find it closed. The darkest thoughts entered our minds. What were we supposed to do with him now?! Hubby noticed a mobile number on the vet's door and promptly made a call. Luck was on our side as the vet said that he was on the way to the clinic to feed the pets there. Yippee!

Sure enough he arrived in 10 minutes, looked at Smokey and declared he needed stitches to close a hole under his chin. Poor thing had a puncture wound and maggots! He convinced me to also castrate the cat so that Smokey can be kept indoors if we decided to keep him. Well duh! He was our responsibility now! Without much contemplating (I could only picture my dad, grandma and in-laws shaking their heads in disapproval), we decided that Smokey was going to move WITH us! ( On the right is Smokey pretending to help me at work)

This is where I plan to do my reading, my reading corner with a teddy bear for company!

Our TV corner. Plan to get bean bags instead of bulky couches. Any idea where to get affordable ones?

This is where I attempt to cook!

A little gift from mum, a dish, a few seeds, jelly fertilizer and voila! (Some sprouts are seen growing after a week!)

My first flower pot, complimentary from mum-in-law. One of my fave flowers! You can find it in most padangs growing wildly but I just love it's colour!

Views from the window seat:

The jams leading to Brickfields...nice eh? So don't blame us if we're late going to PJ!

It'll be our first night there tonight. Let's hope all goes well!


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  2. Nice meeting you - keep on blogging ya :-) Can't wait till the first ambassador trip.

  3. Yup it's always nice to meet new people :) looking forward to more ambp events, hopefully without the isolation next time!

  4. hey spells!

    i'm one of the travel ambassadors too! it's a pity we didn't really get to meet all of them :(

    i'm goin to compile a list of travel am. hope u dun mind i'm linkin ur site there. U didn't blog about it did u? cannot find leh. But i'm guessin u are coz shah n jehan comments! lol

  5. Hi there! Yep wish they didn't segregate us into 2 groups. Defeats the purpose of the whole event. I'll link your site too yeah? Love the colours and everything! You're very rajin to post up stuff yeah?

    Hope we get to travel soon! No news from them yet: ( Thinking of going to Sandakan with some friends in Dec with the free voucher but Mayflower is very slow in returning my calls about packages. Sheesh. When are you planning to use your vouchers?


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