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Bentota Day 3

The bedroom is pretty cozy and feels colonial. It can be spooky when sleeping alone so I closed the bathroom door at night.

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Sri Lanka Day 1 and 2 Colombo-Bentota

I've heard about how beautiful Sri Lanka is and I got the chance to visit when hubby's cousin decided to have a destination wedding at a bungalow in Bentota, last December.
Hubby had to complete some work so I accompanied his parents a day before he left. We took Malindo Air for the 3.5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo. We had meals and in-flight entertainment which was good.
When we arrived at the airport, his mum and my check-in luggage hadn't arrived. Mind you, all our wedding accessories and outfits were in there and we had nothing to wear except what we had on. The wedding was to be held on the 3rd day that we were there. I was glad we had decided to arrive two days earlier.
Family friends saw us waiting for updates from the unhelpful airport personnel and waited with us for more than an hour. There was no one there who could tell us what we were to do. We were asked to go from one person to the next and back to the first counter that we went to and finally a…