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Road Trip Weekend

My weekends are usually filled with house cleaning, catching up on work, napping, reading, writing and sometimes a good meal or two with friends and family.
Hubby works 7 days a week, if not at the office, then on his phone. A few weeks ago, he asked me if I'd like to follow him to Kuala Klawang as he saw some sign which said "Pantai" during one of his trips near there and there is no way a beach could be located there. I really wasn't in the mood to work or do anything productive, so I agreed.
We left in his Satria GTI (which is left idle during the weekdays and needs the exercise at least once a week) at about noon towards Negeri Sembilan. On these rides, it's always more fun to skip the highways and take the rural and more scenic kampung roads. We stopped over in Lenggeng for lunch at a Malay stall there.

I absolutely love authentic Malay food (and food in general) and piled up my plate with rice, fried chicken, one big prawn and ladies fingers. Hubby decided…

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