Quiz: What kind of party host are you?

The year end brings a lot of festivities and most of us feel the excitement of hosting or attending a party. Chatting with friends, acting a little loony, enjoying good food and music. If you're planning to host a party, what kind of host would you be? I stumbled upon this quiz by Beth Morrissey which you might like. Have fun!

1. Your sister is about to get married and the job of arranging a bridal shower has fallen on your shoulders. What do you do?
a. Send the wedding planner a quick e-mail and figure she’ll take care of it.
b. Pick up some party favors, lay out a spread of finger food, and charge your camera so you won’t miss a single second of your sister wearing a toilet-paper veil.
c. Call the harpist, up your standing order with the florist, and book a week’s vacation so that you can wax the floors and repaint the walls.

2. It’s your turn to host the book-club meeting. What’s the plan?
a. Call the closest coffee shop and reserve the couches at the back. Maybe you’ll even spring for a pot of coffee to share.
b. Bake some brownies and cookies, offer soda and tea, and drag in a few throw pillows in case there aren’t enough chairs. No need to make yourself crazy over a couple of hours with friends.
c. Throw a gala ball just like the one described in the book. Saturday-morning etiquette classes and the seamstress you hired to make period-perfect ensembles should guarantee success.

3. You’ve decided to throw a cocktail party. What’s behind the bar?
a. Whatever the guests have brought. That’s why the invitations said BYOB.
b. The makings of a few trendy cocktails. Not to mention some fun barware and the cutest cocktail napkins that you just couldn’t resist.
c. Beer, wine, a full cocktail menu and…you. Those bartending classes you took should finally come in handy.

4. The last-minute strategy session has gone way longer than anyone expected. As team leader, how do you feed the hungry hordes?
a. Feeding hungry hordes is not in your job description.
b. Order one of everything from the local pizza place and slip the receipts to your boss later.
c. Call a 20-minute time-out, head to the break room, and create a five-course feast out of whatever’s in the fridge.

5. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a girls’ night and if no one else is going to organize one, then you will. What are you thinking?
a. Dinner and a movie. No dirty dishes and no one cares if the conversation runs out.
b. An old-fashioned sleepover. No one needs to worry about drinking and driving or making the last train home.
c. A charity fund-raiser. Fifty people can go bowling as easily as five, and if it can raise a little money for a good cause, then everyone’s a winner.

6. The annual family reunion is coming up and you’re in charge of the cousins’ activities. What’s on the schedule?
a. Name tags.
b. A short slide show and a special barbecue.
c. A guided tour of the town followed by lunch with the mayor and an instructional lecture on how to conduct family history research.

7. Now that your parents have downsized, you’re the only person with enough room to host a traditional Thanksgiving. When your mother starts hinting, how do you answer?
a. Advise her to get here a week early if she needs to clean up and buy ingredients.
b. Ask her what size bird you’ll need if a couple of your friends join the festivities.
c. Tell her to check her mailbox. The engraved invitation should already be there.

8. You’ve got a conference to run and explicit instructions to make it the best ever. How do you do this?
a. Follow the same format as last time. If it tanks, it’s not your fault.
b. Aim for a good mix of lectures, seminars, and workshops. Not to mention a really great welcome dinner so that everyone can loosen up before the important stuff starts.
c. Blow the budget on world-renowned experts, cutting-edge technology, and five-star accommodations. Who cares if no one needs all of that, they’ll get it and they’ll like it.

Mostly A’s: Casual but Cold. While you enjoy socializing, you hate the responsibility of hosting things. Unfortunately, others probably pick up this vibe since you outsource your events at every turn. In the future, challenge yourself to hold a few simple soirees at home and look after all of the details yourself. Your cakes may not be bakery quality, but when they’re made with your own time and energy everyone will appreciate them all the more.

Mostly B’s: Laid-back and Lovely. Somewhere along the line you decided that stress wasn’t part of your party plans, and your fun fetes prove you made the right choice. With just the right mix of formality and frivolity, your functions are probably the highlight of friends’ social schedules. Just make sure you don’t make yourself too comfortable. After all, you are the hostess and still have a few responsibilities to your guests.

Mostly C’s: Formal Yet Fussy. Your love of pomp and circumstance is obvious, but sometimes your over-the-top affairs may make your guests edgy. If schedules are too rigid and there are too many details to keep track of, events can feel more like work than play. Give your guests—and yourself—a rest and try throwing a few less formal fiestas. Kick up your heels and have some (totally unscripted) fun!


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