The new venture

When I made up my mind to resign from the kids science camp company within 24 hours, there was worry all around me. Mostly from loved ones. I didn't have time to worry. I just had to DO something so the basic instinct was to start something and QUICK! Besides, my hubby took the plunge when he started Planet Football in 1999. Why not me? The worst that can happen is not having a salary for 3 months before panicking and looking for a new job!

I identified my strengths as being creative, positive, and patient. I know how to organize events well. I had gained my skills from the French company I literally grew up with. I knew how to plan and execute. Initially, I did try applying for 2 event companies but they claimed that with my luxurious background, I wouldn't be able to adapt to the events that they do eg. trade shows and such. They stressed about late nights and missing family time. Wokay then..

They could have been right. I might not have been able to adapt to the fact that some trade shows look like they were hurriedly put into place. Gaudy posters, horrible booths, passe activities. I recently went to a caterers trade show in Shah Alam and was I disappointed! There was a total of THREE caterers. And they were all offering the same kind of food. There's always a way to make things look presentable without burning a hole in the pocket. I've seen some excellent exhibitions and continue to learn from them.

So with the support of some friends and family, I dived straight into the deep end of the ocean and registered BEST EVENTS. Being a newbie in an oldie industry has proven exciting and challenging. There's so much research needed and so much time spent trying to create awareness that my company exists. I've bugged all my friends to spread the word for me but there's always a limit to that.

It's been a month since I started the company and requests for quotes have started coming in and I'm thankful. Now all that is needed is to clinch these deals. Wish me luck!


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