Why have a neutral coloured sofa when you can have colour?

Besides the classic bag and No.5, CHANEL is known for their black, white and beige colours and I have to say that having worked there for so many years, has me a little biased towards these colours when purchasing items. 
I'm automatically drawn to these shades as they match EVERYTHING. 
But my quirky side is also a strong influence and I simply love bright colours when it comes to accessories.
When it comes to furniture, opting for neutral color has long been the recommendation for those selecting larger upholstered pieces, and this rule does makes a lot of sense. 
A quality sofa can be one of the more expensive pieces of furniture we purchase, and for a large percentage of rooms, going with a neutral fabric is indeed the best choice. On the other hand, it could be time to consider breaking the rule. With so many richly hued options available, in stock or through custom order from the array of fabrics many vendors offer, it’d be a shame not to just go for it in the color department once in a while.


  1. Do colored. Colored and textured. So you can play with the loose items with patterns to suit your mood. Check out Thom Felicia. I love him but I dont dare copy his style.


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