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10 Amazing Tree Houses You wish You Owned

As a kid, my parents taught me to appreciate nature and we used to go to places like Bukit Cherakah, Port Dickson and FRIM where nature ruled.

I really like hiking but not extreme hiking where crossing rivers and climbing vertical rocks are required. The last time I went into a jungle was at Bako, Sarawak years ago.

I love being in nature as long as the amenities (and functioning bathroom!) are there. What about you? Would you love staying in these gorgeous tree houses?

Homie Treehouse (Unknown Location)

Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi in Japan

Spider’s Leg Treehouse in Germany.

Tree House Andre Wenning
Located in Osnabrück Germany, Andrea Wenning is one of the most famous architects who design tree houses. It is very famous in Europe and his work is of the most recognized worldwide, was the creator of this beautiful tree and describes it as the perfect place for a romantic getaway or friends.

Somewhere in Germany

This beautiful tree house was built by Tereasa Surratt and David Hernand…

Movie review: Big Eyes #film #movie #art

I love art and when I read the synopsis of Big Eyes while channel surfing on a Saturday night, I thought it might be an interesting watch.
Big Eyes is a drama directed by Tim Burton is about the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who claimed credit for her works in the 1960s.
It stars Amy Adams as Margaret Keane whose trademark paintings always has a portrait of a girl with big eyes. When she met her soon to be husband who claims to have studied in Paris while painting in a park beside her, he asked her why she always painted big eyes (Like they're really out of proportion). She replied that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Everything she feels is expressed in the eyes. They soon fall in love with his endless support.

Her art was not popular then and art critics didn't understand it but her husband Keane, finds ways of displaying them in restaurants and galleries al…

9 Organic Skincare Online Stores in Malaysia

Lately, consumers have been more conscious about the food/ drinks, products that we consume and use. Choosing what to consume or use can be confusing as researchers say one thing and then change their verdict a few years down the road.

For example, there have been lots of contradicting research data about palm oil, coconut oil, corn oil, coffee, tea, wine, and vegetables. Of course, we know that sometimes research is biased towards a certain countries economic gain. A country whose economic growth depends on coffee beans will, of course, say that coffee is healthier to consume than tea and vice versa, wouldn't you think?

So how do we decide what's good for us? Naturally, it's best to just use products that our forefathers (or foremothers?) have been using without any health issues. So it's about going back to basics without the extra preservatives and chemicals. Eat the vegetables that are grown in your garden like how our great grandparents used to do. No land to gro…

Sienny from SiennyLovesDrawing talks about her doodles #art

Who are you and what do you do? Sienny: I am Sienny (aka SiennyLovesDrawing), a self taught artist who loves to doodle and draw since young. How do you work? Sienny: I enjoy my art passion on a part time basis. I have a full time job so I usually spend time for my art passion after work on a daily basis, and on weekends/ public holidays. What’s your background? Sienny: I don't have any art background and that's why I call myself a self taught artist. What art do you most identify with? Sienny: I am always with my 100% hand drawn art, and more towards the detailed ink art style. It requires patience and passion in completing a piece of artwork. Every piece is unique as it is 100% hand drawn, no duplication, except if I choose to print it.  What work do you most enjoying doing? Sienny: I enjoy talking to my commissioned clients to understand what they want me to design and doodle for them. Researching on the theme for my artwork and spending my time preparing the artwork. 
What’s your str…

Grandma Graffiti Gang in Portugal

My grandma is 84 years old and happily lives with three cats. She is independent and still cooks and cleans. However, she doesn't really have any hobbies or many friends. This could be the answer! Send her to Portugal! Story below from Forget hard candy or plastic covered furniture, these grandmas are far from your typical Bingo Bitches. LATA 65 is an urban art project that takes senior citizens to the back alleys of Lisbon, Portugal and puts spray paint cans in their hands. Through hooliganism they are proving that age is just a state of mind.

LATA 65 is an urban art project that takes senior citizens to the back alleys of Lisbon, Portugal and puts spray paint cans in their hands.
Ageism is the casual or systemic discrimination against senior citizens because of their age. In Western society, the elderly are often highly segregated category of the population. The U.S Census Bureau reported that 11 million senior citizens were living alone. That means 28 per cent of …

Booking a Beauty Salon and Spa Near You

I think most of us Malaysians are still in the holiday mood with the Chinese New Year celebrations stretching for another week and a half. I've started working on Spoke & Hub's mission to work with global trainers and industry experts and looking for a replacement business partner. It might be a long process but I'm hoping the stars will be in my favour soon.

I just went for the monthly Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network session last night and had my spirits lifted with the new people and old friends who came just to make connections. I love it when people don't harp their own horns. They were excellent company.

So today, I'll write about something a little more cheerful. We all need cheer in our lives, right?

If you're Beauty Salon or Spa buff and were wondering where to start searching for salon or spa closest to you, you might want to try

Who is They are a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about internet startups &…

Living your life to the fullest

It's the first day of Chinese New Year today. I usually celebrate it with family as I'm half Chinese but it's a little different this year. The Lam's are having mini reunions of their own. That's how modern times are, as sad as it is.
But I'm not going to write something about CNY. It's about how my day started with devastating news. A friend phoned me and broke news that my newly found business partner from Singapore who was in Gunung Tahan for a hike on Saturday, had passed away in a freak accident. We didn't have the details but news has it that he drowned while trying to cross a river.
He was with a group of 25 hikers. He was a little nervous about this trip as it has been raining and Gunung Tahan is not an easy feat to climb.
I met Nawaz in December last year after "grilling" him over Skype after our mutual friend introduced us over WhatsApp. He had some training programmes he wanted to market to Malaysia. Being in events for so long has…