Sienny from SiennyLovesDrawing talks about her doodles #art

Who are you and what do you do?
Sienny: I am Sienny (aka SiennyLovesDrawing), a self taught artist who loves to doodle and draw since young.
How do you work?
Sienny: I enjoy my art passion on a part time basis. I have a full time job so I usually spend time for my art passion after work on a daily basis, and on weekends/ public holidays.
What’s your background?
Sienny: I don't have any art background and that's why I call myself a self taught artist.
What art do you most identify with?
Sienny: I am always with my 100% hand drawn art, and more towards the detailed ink art style. It requires patience and passion in completing a piece of artwork. Every piece is unique as it is 100% hand drawn, no duplication, except if I choose to print it. 
What work do you most enjoying doing?
Sienny: I enjoy talking to my commissioned clients to understand what they want me to design and doodle for them. Researching on the theme for my artwork and spending my time preparing the artwork. 

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?
Sienny: My mum always commented that I loved to hold a pencil and piece of paper, and I wrote and drew all the time when I was young. She said I was very easy to manage and take care of with just a pencil and a piece of drawing paper, I can sit down quietly for long hours.
What’s your favourite art work?
Sienny: My signature detailed ink art naughty will spend a long time figuring out the total number of fishes drawn in my artwork...ha...ha...

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Sienny: I am a full time staff doing internal training with a MNC, a freelance writer and self taught artist.
Why art?
Sienny: yeah! Why art? Because my art shares positive energy. Because when I am preparing my detailed ink art, I am relaxed, self fulfilled and I enjoy me time. 
What do you dislike about the art world?
Sienny: There is a minority who do not appreciate hand drawn art. Sometimes artists are not paid well and sometimes we are asked to prepare free art for them to advertise, in return they promise we will gain "artist' visibility" etc. 
Name something you love, and why.
Sienny: I like to add a life quote to each of my detailed ink artwork to share positive energy. 
What is your dream project?
Sienny: I wish in the future I am able to own a dessert cafe decorated with my own artwork. Then, all my cafe customers can enjoy their drawing time in my cafe while enjoying dessert. 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Sienny: Everything happens for a reason, expect the unexpected and enjoy your life. We live only once! 
To see more of Sienny's artwork, please visit

SIenny is being nominated for the Malaysia's Top Doodle Artists in search for the Top 10. 
Voting ends 21 Feb 2016 9pm so do visit to vote for her.

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  1. so nice of you to share about Sienny's story :) great to see the development of art in our country

  2. How nice of you to share Sienny's story... she is brilliant but I hope she gets better and improve herself more.. love to see more of her in future

  3. Your doodles are definitely interesting. Great to know about you more

  4. Interesting! Glad to know you better this way. ;)

  5. And I just realize it's not Sienny's blog! haha! love her art as always!

  6. such a big improvement from when u first started dear.....keep it up...

  7. Definitely interesting and love the artwork. Cheers to the share of Sienny's story :)

  8. Hey, it's Sienny! I've been following her for quite some time, like her works :)

  9. Way to go Sienny, keep on doodling!


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