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Trips to Nepal cancelled by Tour Operators following Devastating Earthquake


Nepal has always been on my "Must Visit" lists ever since a few of my friends visited there in recent years. I'm not sure if I can climb Mount Everest but the mountain trails with picturesque views attract me. It was devastating to hear about the earthquake there that destroyed many homes and took so many lives.

Ever since Nepal first opened its borders to outsiders in the 1950s, this tiny mountain nation has had an irresistible mystical allure for travellers. Today, legions of trekkers are drawn to the Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking, some of the world’s best, with rugged trails to Everest, the Annapurnas and beyond. Nowhere else can you trek for days or even weeks in incredible mountain scenery, secure in the knowledge that a hot meal, cosy lodge and warm slice of apple pie await you at the end of the day. Nepal is nirvana for mountain lovers.

Other travellers are drawn here by the adrenaline rush of rafting down a roaring Nepali r…

Organized Living in Small Spaces

Hubby and I have lived in a 1000sq ft apartment for four years and I can't complaint that we have too little space. We have yet to learn how to keep things tidy (we tend to leave things not in their "homes" after using them and I've been doings lots of reading about getting organized. Eg find "homes" for everything and put them back EVERYTIME after using them. *smack hand*

The best part about staying in a relatively small space is that I don't have to climb stairs and clean multiple floors. I do my weekly cleaning which usually takes about 2 hours. Hubby works everyday so he escapes the cleaning routine (good tactic for guys- I should have learned the same tactic much earlier!).

We have three rooms- one master bedroom, one guest bedroom and one room which now looks like a storage room for all our work files and props (I work from home and he used to work from home) . We have a small kitchen (enough for me to prepare meals with my basic skills) and livin…

Space Saving Furniture and Gadgets

When living in small spaces, it's always a good idea to find multi-functional furniture. They're not always cheap but who knows? they could inspire you to DIY!

1. Fan Due Storage Bed


2. Small Table Glass Lift


3. Monte Alto Storage Ottoman


4. Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire, Abbey Oak Finish

Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire, Abbey Oak Finish

5. Enclume Rack It Up Bookshelf Wall Rack, Hammered Steel

Enclume Rack It Up Bookshelf Wall Rack, Hammered Steel

6. Racor PHL-1R HeavyLift Garage Storage System

Source: Smarthome

7. Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table

Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table in Espresso Finish

8. Lane Kitchen Essentials New Visions Pantry


9. IKEA PS 2014 Storage table, multicolor


10. Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack, 6 Can (50969) 

Source: Smarthome

Rather make your own furniture? Click Here!

Which is your favourite furniture or gadget? Twit me @L…

Monica's World

If I had an alternative life, I think I might have been a jeweller or at least a jewellery designer. I simply adore pretty rings, bracelets and necklaces and I can't seem to get enough of them. Most of my jewellery are from bazaars and pop-up stores and nothing too expensive.

I do look at expensive jewellery but I don't think I would ever spend more than RM50 a piece. There goes CHANEL, TIFFANY and such.

As I'm starting to explore more brands to fill my blog, I came to know a jewellery brand, Monica Vinader. Her collections are simple and elegant and if I somehow inherited RM5 million, I might consider buying some pieces. The collections are not too expensive- it's just that RM5 million is my target before I start spending on luxurious items ie jewellery more than RM50, and other things like a BMW, a CHANEL bag, a new home.

I digress. Monica Vinader is a British luxury jewellery brand that celebrates individuality. Opening up a new category between fashion and fine jew…

Home Makeover: Melbourne, Australia #homemakeover #housetour

I had the pleasant opportunity to have a little Home Makeover Q&A (my very first! Yay!) with one my closest friends who now resides in Melbourne. She recently moved from an apartment in Southbank to a gorgeous townhouse in Middle Park.

1. What kind of home style were you going for? What are you inspired by?
I was after a contemporary, minimalistic, open plan home right from the very start. So whilst house hunting, I always kept an eye out for a modern home with clean streamlined architecture, lots of natural light spilling into the living spaces, and timber flooring. Currently, I am inspired by Scandi Modern home styles. What characterises Scandi Modern is its approachability and functionality - the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines, and emphasis on everyday practicality and comfort.

2. How long did the makeover take?
The makeover took approximately two months in total. We had contractors, painters, electricians, my husband (Brett) and my father-in…