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I had the pleasant opportunity to have a little Home Makeover Q&A (my very first! Yay!) with one my closest friends who now resides in Melbourne. She recently moved from an apartment in Southbank to a gorgeous townhouse in Middle Park.

1. What kind of home style were you going for? What are you inspired by?
I was after a contemporary, minimalistic, open plan home right from the very start. So whilst house hunting, I always kept an eye out for a modern home with clean streamlined architecture, lots of natural light spilling into the living spaces, and timber flooring. Currently, I am inspired by Scandi Modern home styles. What characterises Scandi Modern is its approachability and functionality - the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines, and emphasis on everyday practicality and comfort.

2. How long did the makeover take?
The makeover took approximately two months in total. We had contractors, painters, electricians, my husband (Brett) and my father-in-law (Julius) working around the clock pulling everything together.

3. Which parts of the home were done on your own and which were outsourced?
The painting, internal rendering and electrical works were done by contractors. Brett and my father-in-law did all the detailed renovation work, landscaping and rejuvenated the internal courtyard. Australian’s love every bit of renovating, it is the great Aussie tradition of sprucing up your own pad with your very bare hands. I don't think we would ever go down the path of fully outsourcing the renovations.
Kitchen Makeover

4. What was the process like? What annoyed you most about the makeover?
The process would have driven me up the wall if I had to do it all on my own. I am eternally grateful to Brett, as he program managed everything from the white goods delivery to setting deadlines for the painters and electricians. And not forgetting my father-in-law who so painstakingly landscaped our garden, revived our courtyard, and had a hand in all the detail work around the house, It was definitely a labour of love.

I am a neat freak, I like everything to be clean and ordered. I know where everything lives. Thus, the process definitely put me out of my comfort zone. There was dust everywhere, tins of paint, boxes, tools, you name it! Needless to say it was also tiring as I only took a couple of days off and was working full-time whilst we moved from our residence in Southbank to the new townhouse.

5 Which is the favourite part of your home?
The living lounge where I would curl up with my iPad in front of the fireplace. It is also next to my second favourite place - the kitchen!

Living Room makeover

Bedroom makeover

6. Did you set a budget and did you manage to keep within that budget?
We did set a budget but we made sure that it was a stretchy one, it is always better to over budget than under budget. But nonetheless, we did stick quite closely to the our initial budget.

7. What would you have done differently if given the chance?
Nothing, not a chance. Everything panned out better than we expected.

8. What is your next home project?
I plan to remodel our second guest room for a secret project - to be unveiled in the later half of the year.

9. What are your favorite stores to shop for bargains and great deals on household items?
Stores which I love are Weylandts, Pottery Barn, Retrojan and West Elm. I am also addicted to online home portals such as templeandwebster.com.au and the cyber version of Weylandts,

10. Any tips for those planning to give their homes a makeover?
Always start your makeover by selecting a colour palette and work from there. It's best to choose tones that would stand the test of time. If lost, check Architectural Digest and Pinterest for inspiration.

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  1. Super article, inspiring and useful tips!! ;)

  2. Your home looks fantastic! Love the before and after photos!

    1. HI Naomi, it isn't my home, it's my friend's who resides in Australia now :) But indeed! They did an excellent job!

  3. I live in a townhouse. Theirs is amazing & I love what they did with their place. Just stunning!

    1. It is! Perhaps you can share with us photos of your home too someday?


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