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Can I Have One of These Kitchens?


When I was growing up at home, for some strange reason, my parents and I would usually go out for dinner before going home after work, while my grandma would just cook for herself. She would prepare breakfast which consisted of either scrambled eggs or sunny side ups with bread or cornflakes before I went to work.

When we had our dinner at home (usually we'll get take-aways), my parents and I would eat together while my grandma ate on her own, much earlier in the evening. My grandma cooks Malay food really well and she can bake as well. I'm her only grandchild so I try to share a meal with her every few weeks when my work schedule is not too tight. We go grocery shopping together once a month. Now that she is older, she doesn't cook or bake too much.


 I think because I had a lot of take-away food at home with my family, I find that home-cooked meals are really precious and I try to cook for hubby and me when…

3D Illustrations of Fairy Tale Scenes from Old Books

Seattle-based artist Isobelle Ouzman creates 3D illustrations from discarded books found in dumpsters, recycling bins, and local thrift stores. She adopts these forgotten books as a way to give them a second life, cutting and pasting the books into layered fairy tale scenes instead of letting the novels collect dust or fall prey to the elements. Ouzman creates her whimsical and monochromatic environments with an X-Acto knife, glue, watercolors and Micron pens. Each work focuses on plants and animals, several layers of winding forestry surrounding her central characters. Each book can take between two and three months to complete, which is why Ouzman is currently on hold with commissions until October. To submit a commission for her found book illustrations contact her here, or browse the books on her Etsy site. (via Colossal)

April Fashion Shopping List - All Things White

Melia Peplum Tee
Handmade in a small artisanal shop in Colombia in collaboration with a local mill, Kaanas sneakers merge century-old techniques and textiles with chic silhouettes and details.

Rose Gold Vermeil Siren Ring - Moonstone
This beautiful ring features an organic, irregular shaped multifaceted Moonstone gemstone, set in 18ct Rose Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver. The stone on this ring measures approximately 15mm x 15mm (0.6"). The band measures approximately 1.5mm thick at widest point

Pearl floral bracelet White Chrysanthemum (Thailand)
Anusara fashions a majestic chrysanthemum from luminous white pearls. Set on two strands of beads, the flower graces a beautifully feminine bracelet.

Pearl wrap bracelet Tantalizing White (Thailand)
Thailand's Anusara designs a tantalizing cuff bracelet that accessorizes with trendy chic. The stainless steel bracelet is crafted by hand, alternating iridescent white pearls, which represent June�s birthstones, and shimmering glass be…

April Shopping List For the Home- All Things White

It's raining outside and instead of the humid weather that has been the case for the past few weeks
(40 degrees celcius yesterday), I'm actually feeling quite cool.

I think white makes stuff look classy and cool so that will be shopping theme of the month.
My cat is feeling quite cool looking at the storm outside too. (I made her pose just because of her white fur)
I'll be listing white (with coloured accents) products throughout the month, so do check "SHOP" for updates or to just drop a line or two.

Beach Style Living Room by Shelter Island Architects & Building DesignersSchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Contemporary Outdoor Cushions And Pillows by Dearborn Heights Furniture & AccessoriesLand of Pillows

Designer Morrissey's sophisticated and luxurious range of towels and bedding is an easy way to update a tired bathroom or bedroom.

Get this Penthouse Quilt Cover Set at Temple and Webster. They're having up to 80% discounts for their Morrissey c…