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Rolling! Bowling! For a Good Cause!

Free on 22 Nov 08 (Sat)? Why not get a team of four to join BEST EVENTS' One-Day Bowling Tournament at U-Bowl One Utama? Not only will you and your mates have some fun, you'll be doing it for a good cause! 45% of proceeds will be donated towards the training of 30 disabled individuals.

BEST EVENTS is organizing a bowling tournament at U-Bowl, One Utama, on 22 November 2008 (Saturday). There are two time slots-

• 2.00pm (to register at 1.00pm at the venue)
• 4.00pm (to register at 3.00pm at the venue)

Available slots are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Entrance fee per team of four is at RM150 which includes two games each player, shoes and light refreshments. All players must wear their own socks. 45% of proceeds will be donated towards an IT training course for 30 disabled individuals.

Prize trophies and vouchers from Caff Pizza.Grill.Pasta will be given to the Best Scoring Team and Best Team Spirit at the end of the event. To make the event even more exciting, we ar…

Salaam Wanita Basket Auction

In 2002, eHomemakers launched a program called Salaam Wanita, which means ‘Recognizing Women’ in Malay. The purpose of Salaam Wanita is to provide women who are homebound due to illness or disability with basic technical and business skills so that they can work from home and network with others. This will help them help themselves, a motto that is proud of.
With the aim of raising 30k by March 2009 to provide IT training to 30 disabled individuals, BEST EVENTS is planning to have fundraising events in the coming months with the first event being held on 22 November 2008 at U-Bowl, One Utama.
Besides that, BEST EVENTS will also showcase the eco-baskets handwoven by low-income mothers using old magazines in the monthly newsletter, SHOUT OUT, to enable readers to bid on them every month.
The first eco-basket set is called the "Blue Ocean" set which consists of three items at the starting bidding price of Rm150. Do e-mail your price to


I never really knew the meaning of SOHO until I started one myself. SOHO basically means Small Office Home Office and I was surprised to find out that there is dynamic market out there with people leaving their cushy jobs to start all over just like me!

An excellent network that provides advice to start up a SOHO business is eHomemakers ( which I accidentally stumbled upon when searching for Single Mum's associations in my objective of organizing an event to help raise funds for them after a brainstorming session with a couple of friends.

I managed to speak to the founder, Ms Chong Sheau Ching (who I had the opportunity to meet this week) and she explained that she started this business during the 1997 recession. After 10 years, we are now experiencing the economy downfall again and we can choose to feel positively or negatively about it. Those who choose to feel positive will see that this is the time of opportunity to rethink thei…


J'aime du chocolat! Especially milk chocolate, mixed nuts and fruits. Yummy! I love chocolate milkshakes, chocolate bars, chocolate milk. I've to say the price of chocolates has sky rocketed that I can now only afford to buy a Cadbury bar perhaps once in 3 months. My fave Ferrero Rocher is definitely out of bounds! Snickers I can buy more often. Good Day milk I buy every full moon. What's with my obsession with chocolate? Like tea time, it gives me this lovely fuzzy feeling. I tend to be kinder to those who offer me a share of their chocolate : ) And that's why people say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. I certainly love strawberries dipped in chocolate! It makes me feel oh so happy!
A little chocolate history by Wikipedia:
Chocolate (pronounced/ˈtʃɒklət/ (help·info) or /-ˈələt/) comprises a number of raw and processed foods that are produced from the seed of the tropical cacao tree. Native to lowland, tropical South America, cacao has been cultivated for at least th…

Yellow boxes, indicators and thank you's

It's easy to assume that Malaysian drivers (inclusive of Mat Rempits) are discourteous. Too many articles have been written about how drivers seem to think that they're the King of the road. How difficult is it to control your fingers to use your indicator signal? At least you're assured that fellow drivers KNOW where you intend to go rather than assume that they can READ your mind. Sure, we ARE surrounded by modern technology and many Matrix movies but we really have not reached that level yet.

Seriously, there's a real reason behind yellow boxes at intersections. They're there so that fellow drivers can cross the same road you intend to cross once the light turns green on their end or they have the right of way. We all learned this in driving school, didn't we? I believe lots of Malaysian's have forgotten these basic rules:

Don't stay in yellow boxes. They are NOT a piece of decoration painted on roads to entertain you unlike the fancy lamposts we so…

My little teapot

Getting together with my friends always has me in the best spirits whether it be for a movie or some chit chat over drinks and dessert.
I tend to classify my eating outings in the afternoon as "tea" which annoys my hubby as we don't always end up having tea but just juice or milkshake or something. I've always liked the tinkling sound of the words "tea party". It makes me warm and fuzzy all over. I'm particularly fond of tea sets which come in a rainbow of colours and not the fanciful Victorian kind. (tea party illustration at the top by Blaze Danielle) So, in my quest to paint these tea sets, I took up a porcelaine painting lesson and I'm guilty of not really practising but do you know how much a plain white porcelaine teapot and tea cup can cost? Don't raise an eyebrow if the salesperson cooly says a teapot is priced at RM80 and a tea cup and saucer at RM20. It's not just a plain white teapot, she will explain. It's made of porcelaine…

My new Sigma 17-70mm lens

Another way of getting a photographer excited besides beautiful landscapes or objects and getting free trips in return of a travel story and photos (thanks to The Star Online travel tool recently launched) is by getting new equipment. I just got my new long-awaited Sigma 17-70mm lens last week at Berjaya Times Square where the annual Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival took place.
I've been wanting for this lens since June and because of many factors, I decided to put my purchase on hold until I get it at a really good price. Ranging from RM1,450- RM1,600 in the market, I thought I might as well get it if it went any lower. At the Photo Festival, I managed to find a booth selling it at RM1,330 and I just HAD to get it so off I went looking for an ATM machine which was working. Yippee! Now, I'll happily shoot to my heart's content until my next urge to get another piece of equipment!
Here's a review found in ephotozine website. It's too new for me to give …

Scary treats to eat

Head scratching is not needed for Halloween treats for your upcoming party. Just try the below recipes found on the net..ah..the conveniences of being connected!

Body Parts on a Stick
For some reason, the simplest recipes will get the most response at parties, especially when the party consists of a mixed company of children and adults. This recipe is no exception. All evening long we heard children saying gleefully "Look, mom! I'm eating an eyeball!". This is a really harmless dish as all of the ingredients are easily identifiable. The kids just love to play along with the game. Use any variation of the ingredients below and serve a few dipping sauces with the sticks. You can also cheese with aspic cutters into a variety of shapes (or to keep in theme heart shapes) rather than just using it cubed.
Cooked red hot dogs (fingers)
Cooked German (white) hot dogs (fingers)
Pimento stuffed olives (eyeballs)grapes
Peeled if desired (eyeballs)cherry tomatoes
Peeled if desired (…

Things to do on your days off

It's difficult to comprehend how some people can say that they feel bored. How do they even have the time to feel bored? I wish there were more hours in the day so that I could slip in a few minutes of siesta and spend some leisurely time in front of the TV or read a book.

So just in case you ARE one of those who feel like you have more time, why not try these activities? It's much better than spending hours in a mall, I feel!

Take up a dance lesson two or more!
Pick up a hobby ie gardening or scrap booking
Learn how to scuba dive
Learn how to bake
Try your hand (arms, legs and body!) at paint ball
Read or rent a DVD
Make a music video
Clean the house
Go sphereing (we put you in a transparent ball with secure belts of course and off you go down the hill!). Talk about an adrenelin rush! (pix above)
Take a drive to Serendah waterfalls and back
Learn how to make a teddy bear
Hold a tea party
Raise some funds with BEST EVENTS
Play with your pet or volunteer at SPCA or PAWS to clean and play wi…

Halloween games to play

As a party planner, I constantly look out for ways to make the parties I organize entertaining. With Halloween around the corner, here are some games that I found on the net. You can use them for your own parties or if you need our help, I'll be more than happy to help you organize one.
Tie an Orange ribbonThis game is a great way to start your party.
Orange or Black Ribbon/Yarn Scissors

To Play
Buy some yarn or ribbon, and cut the ribbon/yarn up into various lengths (at least 100-400 uneven pieces).

Hide the yarn or ribbon around the house.

Put everyone into pairs, and have them search throughout the house to find as many pieces of ribbon/yarn as they possibly can.

Each team must work with their partner to tie each piece of ribbon/yarn together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon. Whoever has the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of 15 minutes wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).

Scavenger HuntThis is a game that is usually relativel…

Sunway Memories with AMBP

Selamat Hari Raya! Hope you have had a nice week of rendang, ketupat, kuih and plenty of ang pow! Those who own events businesses will realize that the Ramadhan month tends to be quieter than most months so we creative types (as if!) usually have more time on our hands than we would like. We're also more desperate to make an income and will think of all kinds of ways to do this. I decided that I would teach craft lessons to kids and start hand-painting tea sets. But that's another story!

As I was flipping through the Star one day, I came across the column mentioning a Sunway Memories photography contest where a day trip to Sunway Lagoon, and a 2D/1N excursion to Sunway Lost World of Tambun would be organized by the All Malaysian Blog Project (AMBP) and Sunway Group. There was also and an opportunity to be a Travel Ambassador for AMBP. I quickly pulled out the page and applied for both opportunities once my hubby could spare me his laptop (our land line and Streamyx was disco…