Halloween games to play

As a party planner, I constantly look out for ways to make the parties I organize entertaining. With Halloween around the corner, here are some games that I found on the net. You can use them for your own parties or if you need our help, I'll be more than happy to help you organize one.

Tie an Orange ribbonThis game is a great way to start your party.
Orange or Black Ribbon/Yarn Scissors

To Play
Buy some yarn or ribbon, and cut the ribbon/yarn up into various lengths (at least 100-400 uneven pieces).

Hide the yarn or ribbon around the house.

Put everyone into pairs, and have them search throughout the house to find as many pieces of ribbon/yarn as they possibly can.

Each team must work with their partner to tie each piece of ribbon/yarn together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon. Whoever has the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of 15 minutes wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).

Scavenger HuntThis is a game that is usually relatively inexpensive and time-consuming.

IngredientsOrange Paper
Any Clue Items (See Below)

To Play
Cut out pumpkins on the orange paper and write out the scavenger hunt clues.
Divide guests into teams.
Give the partygoers clues that take them from place to place.

Here are some Halloween ideas to get you started.

Go to the place where the slogan is 'Make it a _______ night' and get a scary movie with a title that will make you _________ (yell really loud).

Go to Blockbuster and get the movie Scream 1,2, or 3

Get a piece of a costume from someone who is dressed to help save lives

Get a piece of a costume from a Dr., police, fireman, etc.

Find something that might purr (or a picture).
(Picture of a cat, piece of a cat costume, etc.)

Obtain a CD from a group whose name will make you want to "Bust Jack O' Lanterns.” (Smashing Pumpkins CD/tape).

Find anything related to "The Great Pumpkin." (Anything related to the classic Charlie Brown Halloween special/comic strip that deals with "The Great Pumpkin").

The team that finishes first and gets all of the right answers, wins.

Scary Story Contest


Index Cards

To Play
Write out on individual index cards one scary story opening line. Good examples include: “It was a stormy night…” “The ghost moaned…” “A body lay in the corner…” “The mummy chased her…”

Gather guests in a circle and make it really dark and light some candles.

Hand out an index card to each guest.

The first person reads their opening line and has one minute to make up a scary story.

You go around the circle until all stories have been read.

The story that gets the most shrieks and shrills, wins.

For kids who are too young to play games, why not spend a few hours decorating Halloween cookies?

Decorate Pumpkin Cookies

Sugar Cookie Batter

To PlayMake pumpkin, witch, and other Halloween shaped cookies.

Put out frosting, candy, and sprinkles and let the kids go at it.

Have the kids vote on their favorite cookies. Everyone wins and gets to spend the day eating cookies!

Happy Halloweeeeen! Mua ha ha ha ha!


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