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MALAYSIAN INBOUND TOURISM ASSOCIATION (MITA) signs MOU with Association of The Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA)

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 MALAYSIAN INBOUND TOURISM ASSOCIATION (MITA) recently signed an MOU with Association of The Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) to encourage travelling to the two countries.

With the MOU, the two countries will be able to channel their energy and expand their network to promote themselves as well known travel destinations.

China, with its 100 million travellers that travel globally every year, is a common target market. The Malaysian government expects 4 million travellers to visit Malaysia with a majority of travellers coming through MITA members who are active in the China market.

Already popular among the Chinese are package visits to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand known as the MarSinThai package.

"It's possible that one day, with aggressive joint promotions by MITA and ASITA, the new package MALINDO (visiting Malaysia and Indonesia in one package) will also be popular to the China market," said Mr Uzaidi Udanis, MITA President at the time of the press conference held at Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The memorandum will cover other fields especially in Investments and Education including internship programmes which will see Indonesian and Malaysian students being interns in the travel industry.

MITA hopes that this collaboration will be a good start for the two NGOs to attract more visitors to visit Malaysia and Indonesia.

About 100 hotels and travel agencies gathered at the MITA-ASIATA Business Networking event to promote packages available in Indonesia, especially in Lombok, akin to Malaysia's Langkawi.

Also gracing the event was Mr Dewantoro Umbu, West Nusa Tenggara District Head of the ASITA.



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