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Plan your next hotel stay in Johor Bahru at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

During my recent trip to Johor Bahru, we stayed the night at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort which is located at Taman Mount Austin,.

I rarely stay out of Johor Bahru city when I'm there for work so I was curious to find out a bit more about the developer of Austin Heights as this area is newly developed and still being developed. (Austin Heights sounds something out of my Sweet Valley High Book days!)

The Austin Heights Group is a leading property developer that provides innovative, comprehensive and quality homes. The group offers a brand new lifestyle with the first-of-its-kind “no back-lane” cluster home design concepts in Johor, The “HOPSCA-inspired” Austin Heights township is now the Group’s flagship development with excellent take-up rates of its launches and all the completed phases have been 100% sold out.

HOPSCA is a buzzword used by real estate developers that refers to large-scale mixed-use commercial urban developments. It is an abbreviation of Hotel, Offices, Parking, Shopping Mall, Convention Centre & Apartments. The Convention Centre and Shopping Mall are being built as I write.

So back to Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort. Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort is located only 15 kilometres from the Johor Bahru causeway and less than 30 minutes from Singapore via the EDL link.

The resort boasts an 18-hole championship golf course and a world class clubhouse of unparalleled grandeur and elegance.

Their Par-72 18-hole Golf Course was established in 1995 and designed by Peter Dalkeith Scott. Its two courses, Austin Course and Heights Course packed with a whole array of features that forces the golfers to think about every shot. Elevated tee boxes provide scenic views of each hole. With undulating fairways and water hazards, good course management is essential for this challenging golf course.

The big entrance to Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort exerts the feeling of luxury (Will I be treated like a princess here?)

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort
The first thing we did after a long day out is put our luggage aside and make our way to the al-fresco area of the hotel restaurant called the Sunrise Cafe.

It's really more than just a cafe, though. They serve local and international cuisine from 7.00am-9.00pm daily.

The Sunrise Cafe at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

Isn't the view lovely? The Sunrise Cafe at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort
We were treated to an early BBQ buffet dinner at 7.00pm which included soup, BBQ wings, butter rice, sausages, corn, soup, spring rolls, satay, prawns among other dishes.

After happily filling our tummies, we collected our hotel room keys and made our way to our rooms.

The hallway of Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort closest to the lifts leading to the rooms

The foyer between rooms. It'll be nice to be able to rollerblade here!

Our huuuuuuge room with two King-Sized beds at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort, Johor Bahru is considered the smallest room they have onsite
As I stepped into our room I couldn't believe my eyes! It was big enough for ballroom dancing! It's ideal for big families as you can add mattresses at RM70+ each.

This family suite is priced at RM280+ on weekdays and RM310+ on weekends. They have higher rates during peak season (March, June and December). Prices include breakfast for two pax and the price to add on breakfast is RM20+ per pax.

The bathroom is huge and consists of a bathtub with a shower on one end, the mirror and basin in the centre and the shower and toilet in separate stalls on the other end. There is no bidet in the toilet stall but you can request for a pail and dipper.

I was tempted to roll around on the bed a bit after washing myself up but there was a karaoke session already happening at the restaurant (we could hear the commotion from our room as we're directly above the restaurant) so we went down to be part of the fun.

After ordering a teh-tarik (separate from the buffet dinner), I made myself brave enough to sing in public. Let's not talk about that, yeah? *hide face*

At 10pm, the rest of the group wanted to check out the cinema. Yes! THERE IS A CINEMA IN THE HOTEL! It doesn't play current films but hey, it's great just to get the kids entertained, you know?
They also have a huge swimming pool, jazuzzi and sauna, and of course, the golf course.

The sea- urm- the swimming pool at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort
The cinema with its Gold Class seats!
I only discovered the Pool tables the next day- darn!

Entrance to the jacuzzi and spa at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort
At about 11.30pm, we decided to call it a night as we had an early breakfast scheduled at 7.30am. I'll need time to get to know my King-sized bed and its four pillows!

If you have lots of gadgets, you'll be happy to know that there is a centre panel in between the two beds that has enough power points for you to charge them. The lights are centrally controlled, as well.

I slept relatively well. I kept getting up every few hours maybe due to unfamiliar surroundings.

We had a bit of drama at about 6am when my room mate was trying to increase the room temperature (it had gotten too cold). The whole room blacked out. And this happened while I was in the bathroom! I was lucky I was just about ready to get out.

We called the front desk and they sent someone to check on our air-conditioning unit within 15 minutes. Problem solved after he fiddled with it.

We then got ready and had breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe. Check out the decor!

They served toast, cereal, nasi lemak, mee hoon, sausages and scrambled eggs along with some jelly, coffee and tea.

We took our time having breakfast while enjoying the view of the golf course before joining the group for a private tour around the 18-hole golf course on buggies! Yes! My first time riding a buggy! It took us about an hour to finish the whole route. You can't exactly race on a buggy! My concern was driving into the lake with my room mate in tow. She was already screaming when we went downhill LOL ;p

The gorgeous 18-hole golf course at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

After our little tour, we made our way to the Austin Heights Adventure and Water Park (look out for this story next week!

After a really good time (and lunch) at the Austin Heights Adventure and Water Park, we got ready to check out of the hotel. But before that, remember I mentioned that our room was the smallest of them all?

How big are the other rooms??? We checked out the Platinum Family Suite (1 master bedroom and two guest rooms) and the President Suite (2 master bedrooms).

The Living Hall of the Platinum Family Suite at Asutin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

The first room of the Platinum Family Suite at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

My favourite Master Bedroom of the Platinum Family Suite at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort. Look at the view!!!
The hall of the President Suite of the Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort. On the right is one master bedroom and on the left the second master bedroom. 

The first Master bedroom in the Presidential Suite

The second Master bedroom in the President Suite
The President Suite has its own jacuzzi!

So if you're planning your next family trip to Johor Bahru, make sure to book your stay at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort. It's great for staff outings too as they have a ballroom that can be utilized for gala dinners or annual dinners- comfortable for about 150 pax.

(Shameless plug: Check out Best Events to help with your event planning!)


Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort
Lot Ptd 58061,
Jalan Mutiara Emas 8,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Tel: +607- 352 4300
Fax: +607- 353 8500


  1. This hotel stay is gorgeous! Definitely my next staycation destination

  2. Seems like such a peaceful place. Will check this one out when I am in Johor the next time.

  3. What a beautifully spacious dig this is. Have heard much about Austin but have yet to visit.

  4. The resort looks nice. I want to stay at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort too at my next trip to Johor.

  5. This place looks nice! Looks very comfortable and spacious.

  6. Yup, I think ballroom dancing in the room would be great, especially after opening the adjoining door to the other room. LOL! Nice peaceful place to go to for a staycation.

    1. Ah yes! The adjoining room make it possible to even go kart lol!

  7. the hotel so nice and looks comfortable!!!I would like to stay this hotel when i travel to JB!!

  8. OMG this place super huge and glamour! Wish I can visit it with my loved one when I visit to Johor :D

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    Looks so relaxing!

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