A Free Ride to the Hospital for Senior Citizens in the Klang Valley

My grandma who is 86 years old has been independently living on her own. She still cooks and cleans but she has cut down on gardening since she was diagnosed with high blood pressure last year.

Since her diagnosis, my dad and I have been ferrying her for regular hospital visits and I'm glad I'm self employed so I can take the day off during her visits. If you've been a patient or a carer of a patient who visits government hospitals, you will know that there is usually a very long wait for your turn to see the doctor.

Not everyone has the advantage of taking the day off and I'm glad JomTaxi is there to offer a temporary solution.

Jomtaxi is a free smartphone app that allows anyone to order a licensed taxi in seconds. Launched in February 2016, they currently have 2000 taxis registered with them.

They currently have a campaign which offers a FREE ride to senior citizens above 60 years old.

Summary of the campaign:-
1.     Absolutely FREE RIDE to hospital/medical centre within Klang Valley. Therefore the “drop off” should be hospital/medical center

2.     It applies for single ride (so you should only redeem this ride when you absolutely CANNOT drive or get to the hospital on your own- It's like a GOLD ticket!)

3.     The booking can be done by 3rd party (son/daughter and etc)

4.     The campaign is for senior citizens who are above 60 years old

5.     Campaign ends 31st December 2016

How are they different from other Taxi hailing apps? 

MULTILINGUAL: The App caters for English, Mandarin and Malay Language

CHOOSE DRIVER: The app allows customer to choose the driver based on his profile, picture and other comments from customers

KNOW when the taxi arrives: The driver sends you a “Buzz” when he arrives so you know exactly when he is outside waiting for you

ADD FAVOURITE/BLOCK: Customers can either add favourite or block drivers

CALL BACK: Customer can call the driver directly just in case they left their valuables behind inside the taxi

PROTECTED: Drivers and Passengers are protected under TuneProtect which covers accident, dead, loss or damage luggage/belongings.

You can download the apps from the Google Play Store at this link:

More information about JomTaxi can be found HERE


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