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KL Sky Tour Gives You a Birds Eye View of the City (and more!)

Helicopter tours around Kuala Lumpur city isn't something new but we all know that a ride of about 30 minutes can cost more than RM2000. This price alone will scare most locals from even thinking about flying around their city. Most of us won't even dream of ever getting on a helicopter ride in our lifetime.

Cempaka Helicopter Corporation now makes chartering a helicopter possible at a fraction of the price. You read right! You can now afford to have a helicopter tour (you just have cut back on some gourmet coffee for a few months instead of years to save some mullah!)

Cempaka Helicopter Corporation offers a wide range of services including tours, corporate and VIP transfers and private helicopter charters. They were established in 2004 and have a current Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia (DCAM) for Public Transport.

KL Sky Tour, which operates at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Helipad, is an initiative of Cempaka Helicopters in collaborat…

Fresh seafood in the city at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza

Whenever my family craved for fresh seafood when I was younger, my dad would drive us to Port Klang, a well-known seafood haven. I loved the road trip but I doubt my dad enjoyed the 45-minute drive (plus another 30 minutes getting lost during the pre-GPS days).

Now, you don't have to travel that far to enjoy a fresh seafood meal. Since Just Seafood was established in 2014 at Sunway Giza (Kota Damansara), they have served the best seafood, from crabs and prawns to oysters and mussels (all locally sourced except for the oysters which are imported from the US) brought in fresh daily.

Just Seafood isn't just any seafood restaurant. They pride themselves in the creation of three special sauces- Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk and Creamy Peanut. Not only that, they have a very unique way of serving their seafood platter too! Their platters are served off the table which are taped down with large pieces of white mahjong paper. Patrons are encouraged to use their hands to eat so they can…

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park- A Perfect Family Getaway in Johor, Malaysia

As a teenager, the number one place for my friends to hang out on weekends was the Sunway Lagoon Water Park. They loved going on crazy rollercoaster rides and getting wet going down water chutes and enjoying the wave pool. Me? I'd rather spend my day reading or watching movies at home with dad!

When I was invited to check out the new Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park, I was a little apprehensive but I'm glad I went! It is just a five-minute ride away from the Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort where you can play a round of golf at the 6165 meter 18-hole championship golf course.

You can read more about the hotel and golf course HERE.

The Austin Heights Water & Adventure park is great even for people who, like me, rather stay dry unless I'm at a beach!

For those of you who love water and adventure, this place won't disappoint you as they have something for everyone.

Let's start with the Water Park. This area has 14, (yes 14!) attractions within it. F…

Plan your next hotel stay in Johor Bahru at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

During my recent trip to Johor Bahru, we stayed the night at Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort which is located at Taman Mount Austin,.

I rarely stay out of Johor Bahru city when I'm there for work so I was curious to find out a bit more about the developer of Austin Heights as this area is newly developed and still being developed. (Austin Heights sounds something out of my Sweet Valley High Book days!)

The Austin Heights Group is a leading property developer that provides innovative, comprehensive and quality homes. The group offers a brand new lifestyle with the first-of-its-kind “no back-lane” cluster home design concepts in Johor, The “HOPSCA-inspired” Austin Heights township is now the Group’s flagship development with excellent take-up rates of its launches and all the completed phases have been 100% sold out.

HOPSCA is a buzzword used by real estate developers that refers to large-scale mixed-use commercial urban developments. It is an abbreviation of Hotel, Offices, …

Dining at Hugos by Modestos, Empire Damansara

If you were a teen in the 90s you would remember clubbing (do people even say this anymore?) or at least dining at the cool Modestos in Sri Hartamas. It was the place where the cool kids hung out and the not-so-cool kids like me just enjoyed the food and the music.

Fast forward about a decade and a half, you'll now find that Modestos is still a popular hangout place for the expats on Jalan P.Ramlee with four other branches in Publika,  RSGC (members only-ooooh), Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara and PJ Palms Sports Centre.

But what is Hugos by Modestos? Who or what is Hugos? Actually...they're really same same but different.

But who cares about the history, eh? You just want to know about the food, right? And if you're a Malaysian, food is on your mind every hour of the day, I'm sure.

So what does Hugos by Modestos offer? Waaaaait..where is it located first? If you've been applying for your BRIM or submitting your tax returns at the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara at Mutiar…