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In a city full of food choices it is easy enough to find cuisine from Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Finding good kampung Malay food in a restaurant is tougher, though. Locals prefer to dine by the road side gerai or in a warung in the suburbs or residential areas. However, if you prefer to dine in comfort with air-conditioning and pipe in music, hotel restaurants and mid-range restaurant/cafes might be a better option.

With Ramadan around the corner, Caprilicious at Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur invited a few bloggers to their Ramadan Buffet Preview. Their chosen theme this year is the Warisan Desa which aims to serve the taste and flavour of authentic Malaysian food from all the states.

Warisan Desa will be showcasing the live action stations preparing Kambing Panggang (roasted lamb) and a local favourite- Satay (meat skewer). With over 70 dishes served daily, you will surely have to pick and choose what you think your stomach can digest after a whole day of fasting.
Ikan Bakar

Satay with Peanut Sauce

Roasted Lamb

Laksa Pahang
Dishes include the Nasi Hujan, Pajeri Kedondong (pickled sweet kedondong fruit), Rebung Lemak dengan Udang (prawns in spicy coconut gravy), Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak (a type of fish served in a pungent fermented durian gravy), Paru Goreng Berlada (Pepper Fried Beef Lungs), Perut Lemak Cili Api (Beef Innards in Spicy Coconut Gravy).


Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce | Kam Heong Lala

Ikan Tenggiri Masak Lemak with Belimbing Besi | Sambal Jawa

Spicy Fried Crabs | Gulai Daging Kawah

Asam Pedas Ekor Lembu | Ikan Keli Goreng Berlada

Rebung Masak Lemak | Ayam Opor

Kerabu Sotong, Mangga, Udang, Ayam, Pucuk Paku Bersantan

Assorted Sambal, Salted Eggs, Acar Buah, Mango Chutney

Assorted keropok and ikan masin

Rojak Buah



Assorted Fruits and Cakes

Warisan Desa is priced at RM90 on normal days with promotional presale vouchers at RM72.

For dining reservations, please call 03-2386 0888.

And to relax after the heavy meal, do head to the rooftop. It offers a splendid view of the city!


  1. Such a nice view at the rooftop! Good way to relax tummy after stuffing loads of foods from the buffet!

  2. My last buffet was at Jogoya! The food look so yummy and sumptuous! :D

  3. I think Capri is very pretty and has a nice view and the food there is pretty tasty... however... I am terrified of the car park now... LOL

  4. Yum yum, there are many selection of the foods. XD

  5. thats a lot of yummy food! dining here seems nice with the lovely ambiance

  6. Nice place to dine in. Food looks delicious too.

  7. the food looks so yummy!!! the rroftop view very nice and beautiful!!

  8. Another sumptuous Ramadan Buffet you have enjoyy at Capri! We can enjoy night view of the City too!

  9. What a great way to break the fast. Desserts are yummylicious.

  10. looks like a lot of amazing dishes, i'd always go for roast lamb as only available during ramadhan buffet

  11. Wow, look at all the delicious foods, can't wait to berbuka puasa at Capri :)


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