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Cheapest Places to Live in the World for a Year or Two

As our Malaysian currency weakens, we find ourselves complaining that a lot of goods have increased in price. Strawberry jam which used to cost RM8 is now RM12, teh ais which used to cost RM1.20 is now RM2.00 (not sure how tea prices are affected as we have our own plantation in Cameron Highlands!).

In a way, it's good that our currency weakens. We start getting creative in stretching our Ringgit. Weekly groceries which could perhaps get us 5 meals for two pax for RM50 has to be stretched to get us 8 meals by getting local veges, meat and such. We cut back on travelling overseas and try to go for staycations. Flights were always cheaper when travelling long distance but the hotel, food and tickets to local attractions usually kill us. So when we travel locally, we can have our meals at the local gerai and just enjoy the beach or hills or lakes without having to buy special tickets to enjoy the local culture.

I do sometimes wonder how it is to live overseas for perhaps a year or tw…

Bfab Launch Event in Kuala Lumpur

Bfab held it's launch at The Co Bangsar recently. Guests were treated to refreshments and free hand or back massages by Mandara Spa as they arrived.

The online beauty and wellness marketplace was founded by former foodpanda Managing Director Pawel Netreba.

(L to R) Bfab Founders Pawel Netreba, Raeesa Sya and Sergey Gaydar

Bfab (which stands for Be fabulous) was started last year by Netreba, Co-founder and former Managing Director (Russia & CIS) at foodpanda, along with Raeesa Sya and Sergey Gaydar.

 The emcee welcoming guests

Pawel Netreba passionately speaking about what Bfab is all about.

It is an online marketplace for beauty and wellness, where users can book for hair, massage, spa, nail, waxing and makeup services with various salons listed on the platform. In addition, the portal also allows users to compare prices, and comment and rate the services.

The instant booking CRM system gives the ability for users to view available slots at the salons in real time, book the se…