33 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Did you know that there are many genius products out there that will make things easier and more fun?! Take the melon slicer for example; you could have 12 perfect slices is seconds just by using one simple push-down action! Many of the gadgets you see below are must-haves for every home.

Hand Held Portable Toaster

hand held portable toaster
This is great when you travel and have no breakfast in your hotel package

Goggles Umbrella

goggles umbrellaFind it here: Goggles Umbrella
When you're stuck at the bus stop and you want to see that the bus is coming without getting drenched

Socket and Extension Lead

socket extension lead
Designer: Meysam Movahedi
No more messy tangled cables!

Slip-On Pour Spout

slip-on pour spoutFind it here: Slip-On Pour Spout
Pouring soup and gravy is now made easier!

Portable Egg Cooker

electric boiled egg cooker
Again, great for hotel packages without breakfast included

Remote Control Key Locator

We all can use this and have no more "Where are my keys?" moments

Mug Warming CD Player

cd player mug warmer
Because we need music while drinking coffee

Portable Chair and Bag

portable chair and bagFind it here: Portable Chair and Bag
Great for campers and those lining up for limited edition designer wear outside stores

Baby Crib Rocking Chair

baby crib rocking chair
Want to watch tv and rock your chair but what about the baby? Rock her too!

Beer and Shot Glass

beer and shot glassFind it here: Beer and Shot Glass

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

sauce dispensing chopsticks
Because we're too lazy to dip our food in a saucer next to our plates

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

rock climbing pool wall
For the adventure seekers in you

Chopping Board and Colander

I personally love this so I can save space in the kitchen

Phone Holder

phone holderFind it here: Phone Holder
Great for phone charger cables which are too short

Utensil Pot Clip

utensil pot clipFind it here: Utensil Pot Clip
I've had spoons melt in pots so this is great!

Melon Slicer

melon slicerFind it here: Melon Slicer

Salt & Pepper Switch

salt and pepper switchFind it here: Salt & Pepper Switch

Truck Taco Holder

taco truckFind it here: Truck Taco Holder
This is just cute

3 Tier Oven Rack

3 tier oven rackFind it here: 3 Tier Oven Rack
Works when all the stuff bakes/ cooks at the same time

Cakesicle Cookie Pan

cakesicle pop moldFind it here: Cakesicle Cookie Pan

Cupcake Corer

cupcake corerFind it here: Cupcake Corer

Iron Toaster

iron toaster
Looks like equipment from a hospital, no?

Corn Stripper

corn stripperFind it here: Corn Stripper
Yay! No more corn stuck between teeth

Space Saving Kitchen Outlet

kitchen hidden outlet
I so need this in my kitchen when I need to use the toaster, oven, blender at the same time

Magnetic Hangers

When you've run out of space and can find metal elsewhere

Digital Spoon Scale

digital spoon scale
I love this!
Find it here: Digital Spoon Scale

Vacuuming Dustbin

vacuuming dustbinFind it here: Vacuuming Dustbin

Food Bag Clip

food bag clipFind it here: Food Bag Clip
Because we don't want our food to masuk angin

Direction Arrows

arrow for doorNo need to pretend to look cool when you've opened the door the wrong side

Attachable Baby Cot

attachable baby cotFind it here: Attachable Baby Cot
When you want your baby to be independent but can't bear having her in another room. Plus the bed is for meeeee

Car Fries Holder

car fries holderFind it here: Car Fries Holder
Ooh no more ketchup smearing the steering wheel

Hanging Shoe Storage

shoe rackSource: Google


  1. i think some are quite cool like the phone holder, heels storage rack and more :D thanks to the genius who invented these

  2. Totally need the Remote Control Key Locator!
    I always can't find where I places my keys. Haha.

  3. What a wonderful list of nifty tools that would make great gifts. I could do with one or two of these myself, too!

  4. So creative! Love it very much! Seeing it just makes me feel happier... I wanna use it.. haha~

  5. love this post! my vote will be Beer and Shot Glass. (kaki botol :p) anyhow, all inventions were carried out smartly!

  6. OMG! What a total cool invention! I love the first one the most.

  7. Wow thanks for the tips. Absolutely amazing usage haha


  8. I really like the watermelon or papaya cutter. Its so convenient and neat.

  9. Oh wow..... these are pretty amazing gadgets that make you want to own one... LOL

  10. walaweiii..some invention is really creative and cool! i might buy if find it anyhere..haha..its useful :p

  11. very cute but i've never seen these devices before..i bet they are hard to find

  12. I love the Remote Control Key Locator coz' I always had the difficulty to find one. Ha ha ha...

  13. Super love these kind of innovative invention! but hardly can find them in Malaysia.

  14. wow, that's a lot of unique, slightly quirky but works inventions...

    i bet the ladies will love the last one.

  15. I love all these cute cute stuffs, thanks for compiling it :)

  16. The portable toaster is cool!
    I want it so much!

  17. That rocking chair + baby cradle is pure genius idea! Why don't they mass produce something like this?

  18. Thanks for sharing. I wish I can get all these tools in Malaysia.. Hahaha

  19. Life become so easy with this creative products. No more traditional style.


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