A Water Bottle that isn't Round and Fits Nicely in your Bag

Have your ever found the water bottles provided in meetings or hotels a bit of hassle to carry around with you? I tend to leave mine as they're too bulky to be in my bag.

As people are moving away from the disposable, single use bottles, reusable ones are popping up more and more and everyone is trying to get ahead of the market. 

Now, a Memobottle is what I need!

A Memobottle is a slimline, BPA free, dishwasher-friendly, reusable bottle that resembles the size and shape of pieces of paper.
memobottle comes in Letter, A4, and A5 sizes making them easy to slip into your computer bag or backpack right next to your computer or books. You have all the benefits of carrying around a bottle of water all day without the awkward bulk in your bag since it’s flat like everything else. It’s pretty genius!
You can order yours here: http://www.memobottle.com/




Source: DesignMilk


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