The Tissue Box Gets an Animal-Inspired Redesign

    The Tissue Box Gets an Animal-Inspired Redesign
    Etsy store shopSparklyPony, based in California, is offering a range of animal-shaped tissue boxes that use the actual tissues to add to their design. The handmade holders currently available are a whale, an elephant, a pony, and a rabbit.
    animal tissue boxThe whale releases tissues from its blowhole and the elephant dispenses them from its trunk, looking like a stream of water squirting out. The tissues also embellish the pony and rabbit holders, as they appear to be white tails on these animals.
    Each of the animal tissue holders are completely hand cut, hand sanded, hand painted, and hand constructed. The “functional and unique works of art” require several hours to make. They are made from wood purchased at a local lumber store, which is supplied by sustainable forestry companies in the U.S.
    animal tissue boxEach item is given two coats of glossy latex paint to ensure its rich lasting color. The faces and extra details of the animals are made with a custom cut thin decal. Edges are individually sanded and distressed to achieve a vintage look and feel. The tissue holders can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe. Each one is suitable for storing standard sized tissue boxes, such as Kleenex and Puffs, which fit inside snugly and are held in place.
    The Etsy store owner offers the cute animal-shaped tissue holders for $39.99 in a variety of colors: seafoam, cyan, orange, yellow, white, surf blue, pink, green, and kelly green. Each item is stamped, dated, signed, and numbered with its order of purchase.
    animal tissue boxThese tissue holders do an impressive job of enhancing their design using the product they are storing. They are more adorable than the standard tissue boxes and different animals could be placed in rooms around the house. A blue whale tissue holder would look right at home in a sea-themed bathroom, while a brightly colored pony would be great in a child’s bedroom.
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