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Riding cars with strangers

Riding cars with strangers. Scary thought, eh? It's nothing new to hitchhike around Europe or the US even though it comes with the risk of hitchhikers being kidnapped or worse- murdered.

Of course, the hitchhiker himself could turnout to be a psychopath. Watching movies like the below definitely paints scary pictures.

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Malaysians who are lucky enough to have cars are used to driving everywhere (as I write this, petrol prices have gone down so yippee!) . As I explained in an earlier post, waiting for public transport and being squeezed like sardines during the rush hour, isn't something anybody (except bad people) deserves and not much of an option for me as I rush from meeting to meeting or to events with props in hand, sometimes.

People have many reasons to not want to drive eg fluctuating petrol prices which tend to go up instead of down, the many tolls to pay to avoid jams on regular roads , the idea of going through jams etc.


A Krabi trip to end 2014 and start 2015

My friends and I typically meet every two months, if we're lucky. Some of us have kids, some are single career-focused ladies and then there's me who is a married workaholic married to another workaholic struggling to keep everything in order at home when we ARE at home.

When we girls meet (I have two main friend groups- school mates and college mates), we try to choose somewhere "fancy" with the perfect ambiance for photography purposes (I save the "gerai" trips for hubby).

During the last makan session with my school besties, J and SD, at The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village (they've been open for years and we finally got a chance to pay a visit), while stuffing our faces with the delicious patty and fatty fries, we remarked how fun it would be if we could do something special for New Year's.

I'm not one who celebrates New Year's (or anything festive, really!) but the idea of travelling with the girls excited me. It's been about 5 years s…