#RAWR at 1MontKiara

I love music and comedy so when my friend, J, asked if I was free to attend the RAWR music and comedy festival on 6 Sept at 1MontKiara with her, I was pretty excited. I've heard of RAWR but I wasn't sure what to expect.

I reached 1MontKiara at around 6pm. J, had made a wrong turn and ended up on the badly jammed PLUS highway heading towards Subang Jaya and was making a detour so I decided to browse at H&M and ended up buying a ring (thanks, J). She arrived shortly and we made our way to the 3rd floor where we could hear Prema Yin's powerful vocals.

We were both hungry so we headed straight to the food stalls. The RM50 tickets buys you an entry pass and food vouchers worth RM40. The Barn offered choices of a Chicken Meal or Beef Stew or Chicken Wings set at RM20 each. Drinks were RM10 for two bottles of water, juice or cans of Coke.

The Coffee Club served Chicken or Tuna sandwiches, Prawn or Meatball Pasta at RM10. Village Grocer had some non-halal fare and TAPS obviously sold beer.

After paying for our meals, we settled ourselves at one of the long tables arranged vertically facing the stage so that everyone has a good view of the stage. The crowd mostly encompassed of the local residents staying near 1MontKiara, both young and elderly. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with no pushing and elbowing needed as is usually the case at mini concerts.

The event was hosted by FlyFM announcers Hafiz and Ivan who had a very good sense of humour. Stage game prizes were generously sponsored by A-Saloon, Jurlique, Urban Spa Retreat, Lazy Bag Paris and Village Grocer.

Christian B. Palencia (who was shoeless as he has a special audio recording and playback device being controlled by his feet while he played the guitar), was next up on stage. This is one man of talent. I've never seen him perform "live" before and I've seen many music acts in my line of organizing events, but he sure knocked my socks off.

We also had comedians, Anton and his team of wisecrackers Ross Stephenson, Kavin Jay and Luwita Randhawa. Ross and Kavin Jay were especially funny and had the crowd laughing out loud.

Ray Cheong, Malaysia’s Jazz, Folk, Blues, Rock and Soul Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist performed next. Ray's segment consisted of his own compositions such as Afraid, Just a While, Yellow Day. He is one of the most prominent guitar players in Malaysia with his unique way of approaching the acoustic guitar with a new-age genre of slapping and tapping techniques similar to the likes of Justin King, Don Ross, Andy McKee and other new-age guitarist in the music world.

Another noteworthy 4-piece band to perform last night was Fazz. They are simply amazing and their energy so electrifying. Their music is a mix of broadway, swing, jazz, a bit of rock and lots of drama. The four musicians – Kevin (Vocal), Grace (Keys), Farouque (D.Bass) and Jone (Drums), work
together to bring entertainment on stage using the date of 1940s concept as their genre.

The night ended with a performance by Rozz who did a rendition of songs by Rihanna and just before doing a cover of Whitney Houston's  "I Will Always Love You", he made an announcement for us to get ready for a fireworks display. He attempted to continue singing with fireworks in the background but the sound of fireworks basically drowned out his voice and his band mates instruments so they waited it out while we enjoyed the display. He sportingly continued to sing after that and ended the night with a bang.


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