Film Review: My Summer En Provence

I love the French culture and it's not because I spent eight years in a French company. I just love how they speak, how they dress, how they carry themselves and how their houses always look so pretty in movies. As Malaysians celebrate Merdeka Day today, Astro was kind enough to enable Movie Package subscribers to watch the A-List channel for free today instead of paying the usual RM15. We managed to catch a French film starring Jean Reno in "My Summer En Provence".

During summer vacation this year, Paris-born Léa, Adrien and their little brother Theo, who was born deaf, visit their grandparents who stay in the Provence. Grandfather Paul (Jean Reno), is an olive-grower they have never met as Paul has not spoken to his daughter for many years. It's hardly their dream vacation. Teenagers Adrien and Lea are addicted to new technology and have no interest in country life or the chores their grandfather asks of them. The idea of being away from the city is made worse the day before they leave when their father tells them that he is moving out. Within twenty-four hours of arriving in the countryside, there is bad blood between the teens and their grandfather, whom they consider an uptight control-freak. Soon, Paul's stormy past resurfaces and the Seventies make a comeback against the backdrop of the Alpilles hills. In the course of a turbulent summer, the two generations transform each other.

The concept is not new- regarding country versus city, and the generation gap issues. What I liked was the cinematography, the drama unfolding with beautiful scenery in the background, and the interaction between the characters. The story is kept light and enjoyable and leaves you feeling good.


 Affiche du film  Un été en provence


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