33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

1 | The Unhampered Collapsible Laundry Basket

Folds up into a shred of nothing. Get it here for $29.

2 | The Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder in One

All other toilet paper roll holders should just go out of business. Buy it here for $39.

3 | The Vertical Wine Rack

Because if you are sacrificing one thing in your small space, it will NOT be your alcohol. Get it here for $63.

4 | A DIY Shelf Bar

4If entertaining guests means anything at all to you, then you will make this happen.

5 | Slide-in Spice Rack

You can have your marjoram and eat it, too. Get it here for $9.
Or do it the DIY way: Make this brilliant in-cabinet spice rack yourself. Find the directions here.

6 | Over-the-Fridge Snack Caddy

You can either call up PBteen and beg them to re-release this product, or you could easily sew one together or create one by cutting up a shoe organizer.

7 | Grundtal Towel Holder for Ties and Belts

Or use it to put together tomorrow’s outfit. When not in use, it lies against the wall to save space. $14.99 from IKEA.

8 | An All-in-One Cabinet that Swivels

It’s a mirror! It’s a bulletin board! It’s a coat rack! Finally, a piece of furniture that is all things to all people. Available for $249 from Solutions.

9 | An Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

Can these drawers just come standard with every kitchen from here on out? Check out this site for directions on how to get this space-saving drawer.

10 | A Hot Iron Holster

One hundred percent essential for anyone with a pedestal sink. Hot Iron Holster Commercial Curling Iron Holder Silicone Straightener (Black)

11 | The Couch Arm Wrap

It spells the E-N-D for your end table. Available from Etsy.

12 | Corner Dish Rack

For those with achingly precious counter real estate. Get it here.

13 | The Folding Ottoman Bed

This ottoman goes so beyond its call of duty. Buy it here.

14 | Sliding Shelves for Cabinets

They ain’t pretty, but you’ll get so much more use out of those awkward spaces. Get them here.

15 | Cord Balls

They’re like little hungry munchkins that will “eat” up to five feet of cable to keep your media centers and office spaces free of clutter.

16 | An Over-the-Faucet Shelf for Toiletries

Your tiny sink will look at you and wonder how you never thought of this before. Buy it here for $15.

17 | Ikea-Hacked Wall-Hung Lamp

Using a corded lamp and a wall shelf bracket from Ikea, you can make a wall-hung lamp that doesn’t take up any floor or table space.

18 | A Slide-Out Pantry in 6” of Space

If you’ve ever yearned for the vast pantries of suburban homes, you can finally own a little sliver of that dream. Get the directions here.

19 | A Cabinet Door Wastebasket

You can’t call yourself a minimalist and keep your trash out IN PLAIN SIGHT. Buy ithere for $13.

20 | A Ceiling-Hung Garment Rack

So much better than one of those janky free-standing garment racks. Get the directions here.

21 | Shower Rod Hooks

This almost stupidly simple concept will make you wonder how you never thought of this before. Find out more about these newfangled things here.

22 | A Shower Curtain with POCKETS

Buy this as a passive-aggressive gesture toward your roommate who keeps her 13 different shampoos all around the rim of the bathtub. $14 from casa.com.

23 | An Upholstered Storage Headboard

If you are an adult, it’s time to get that bed off the floor and invest in an awesome headboard. Get it here.

24 | A Hidden Jewelry Holder Behind a Painting

Behold, the magical power of hinges. Created by this genius.

25 | The Laundry Pod

At ~$100, this tiny workhorse is much cheaper than a washing machine and can fit 5–10 garments at once.

26 | The Shoe Ottoman

For those of us who can’t help but have a chronic case of shoe overflow. Get a similar one here.

27 | Nesting Bowls with Measuring Cups

Not only is it super functional and space-saving, but it looks like a cross-section of the world’s most beautiful Gobstopper. Get the set here for $30.

28 | The Hook-On Balcony Desk

Just tell your boss you’ll be working from home FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Available for 183 euros here.

29 | An All-in-One Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

It even doubles as a produce-washing station. You will never look at a cutting board the same way again. Get it here for $45.

30 | Magnetic Stickers

Keeps your everyday grooming tools in arm’s reach. $15 for a set of three.

31 | The Mirror/Ironing Board

Possibly the most well-designed ironing board ever created. Inquire here for more information.

32 | Folding Wall-Mounted BBQ Pod

In case your tiny home has also got a tiny backyard. Get more information here.

33 | A Fold-Up Cheese Grater


  1. Love the shoe ottoman! These are great ideas for any space!

  2. It's superb, ain't it? I like the slide out pantry


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