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Art Expo 2014 #artexpomalaysia #art

Art lovers, you have to visit the Art Expo Malaysia 2014 held at Matrade! The Expo started today and will end on Sunday. Entrance is free.

I arrived there just past noon and was immediately greeted by gorgeous artwork from 30 countries, well not at once but over 4 hours.

I have taken some photo of my favourite pieces (which is a lot!) and will label them below once I get all the business cards and artist profiles sorted out.


Business owners are always on the look out to learn new ways of improving their business and expanding their network.

The BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2014 held last Friday at Nexus, Bangsar South was an event that gathers great minds. The BFM Enterprise Breakaway was BFM’s first on-the-ground event back in 2011 and today, it remains one of our most anticipated events every year with entrepreneurship continuing to be one of our biggest focus and passions.
Now in its fourth year, the BFM Enterprise Breakaway is an annual conference and exhibition that truly keeps the entrepreneurial spirit burning brightly with inspiring success stories, honest conversations and real world lessons.
“Made in Malaysia” has long been synonymous with bad quality, poor service and lousy design and packaging. This has led to a lack of support for Malaysian products and services both locally and globally. Although this is changing, we believe that much still needs to be done to rethink and rebrand what it means t…

How do I market my business cheaply?

I have a “full service” (no additional costs on quoted rates) refrigerated truck rental business based in Cape Town. At present I have a sub-contract with a national transport company that rents the two vehicles for 3 days per week, there is no room for expansion with this customer. My first objective is to have the current two vehicles rented 6 days per week. Second objective is to build up to a fleet of six vehicles within 1 year. How would you approach the marketing of this business in the most cost effective way?

This requires business-to-business (often abbreviated as ‘B2B’) marketing. So we aren’t talking about television or newspaper adverts here, which target large numbers of consumers. Rather we want to communicate to the (select) few people who are interested in the refrigerated trucking business.

Identify your market
Firstly you need to identify prospective markets for your current and future vehicles. I’m not an expert on trucking and logistics but it strikes me that there …

Street Artists Tag Public Architecture With Incredible Anamorphic Illusions

It might look like an illustration on a flat surface or perhaps a photo edited by a creative graphic designer, but these images are non-Photoshopped works of street art. They are anamorphic illusions created by Truly Design, a street art collective in Italy, that pay tribute to Vanitas as part of a public exhibition called Art on Science.

33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs

1 | The Unhampered Collapsible Laundry Folds up into a shred of nothing. Get it here for $29. 2 | The Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder in One All other toilet paper roll holders should just go out of business. Buy it here for $39. 3 | The Vertical Wine Rack Because if you are sacrificing one thing in your small space, it will NOT be your alcohol. Get it here for $63. 4 | A DIY Shelf Bar If entertaining guests means anything at all to you, then you will make this happen. 5 | Slide-in Spice Rack You can have your marjoram and eat it, too. Get it