Five Years Later

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Well, the last time I wrote in this blog was when I was just starting my new business, Best Events in 2008. As you can imagine, lots has happened since then!

I'm still the proud owner of Best Events, a boutique event planning company in Malaysia. The past two years I tried my hand in a few business ventures in the form of a Pet Shop (which I was hoping to help me set up a cat hotel) and an online baby clothings company (both with partners) which, unfortunately, didn't work out.

So I feel that I should stick with what I know best- planning events and writing in my free time.

What has happened in the past few years? I'm still married, have with two cats, who I nicknamed Agent S and Agent L for my pet blog,, and I've been lucky to be able to travel with hubby at least once a year. We live in the same condominium with a fantastic view of the city and I've still not used the gym or pool more than 2 times since we moved here! Recently, I've started experimenting with more ways of cooking eg not just black sauce chicken, fried chicken and fried veges or fresh salad with rice.

I guess I've been inspired by one of my good friends who now resides in Australia. She has set such a high benchmark with her culinary and plating skills. I won't be able to cook as well as her but at least our dishes won't be so boring! Hubby's longer work hours are also a reason why I'd rather cook than wait to go out for dinner at 10pm.

With regards to my travels since my last post about our trip to London, I've gone to Australia in 2010 (Metallica), India in 2011 (Metallica), Thailand in 2012(pure holiday!), Spain in 2013 (free stay and football) and Brazil (The World Cup!) this year.

As you can see our trips are centred around either a football team or Metallica and I'm not complaining!

I've given this blog a fresher look and hopefully, you will like what I post! I'll start by making a photo journal about the last few year's trips and will continue forward with more current trends that focus on what I love- travel and discovery (Wanderlust), my life experiences and opinions (Ramblings), arty farty stuff (Art and Design) and Home-related articles (Home & Living).

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Hubby and me at the World Cup in Brasilia


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