Meeting with the celebrities!

Who would be silly enough to not want to pose with celebrities when you come face to face with them? Certainly not hubby or myself! After waking later than hubby was happy about (it's a holiday for goodness sakes! We're there to relax WHILE playing typical tourists), we took the tube to the Baker Street station. As it was already close to 1pm, there were many queues forming outside Madame Toussaud's and being curious, we found out that it was cheaper to book tickets online (Please remember this whenever you plan a trip to Europe) so we decided to go to a cybercafe to do research on Madame Toussaud's tickets AND other places to visit.

I had mentioned to him that I was interested in visiting the Stonehenge and because there were so many packages to choose from, he wanted to choose one that encompassed places that were close to the Stonehenge to make it more worth it.

My argument was, I would be more than happy just to see the Stonehenge with my own eyes (and I was being honest!) but it somehow translated to I-want-to-see-all-the-beautiful-things-in-the-UK-while-I'm-here-so-let's-book-the-tickets-now-to-save-cost.

As you have to book trips at least 24 hours before the departure date, we decided to go to Leed's Castle the next day and the rest (Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath) the following Monday or Tues. We spent 2+ hours being frustrated with each other because we didn't know WHAT exactly we wanted and spending close to GBP3 and left the cybercafe without any real enlightenment (PS/ do your homework before making trips and try to plan trips a month before leaving).

Despite being called stubborn and difficult (which translates to being the worst partner in the world) we enjoyed grinning like fools when we finally entered the Madame Toussaud's premises.

It really was like you were at some premiere night with people taking photos everywhere!
It was so fascinating to ride through time (a tram ride within the premises itself !). Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pictures there. You just hop into a black cab and take a journey back in time. These mini versions of London's world famous taxis have room for two and will drive you through the historic and cultural events that have shaped London into the great city it is today.
Before that though, you're treated to a 5 minute scary time called SCREAM. Here you will find a maximum security prison has been taken over by its unhinged inmates. Live and on the loose, they want nothing less than to give you nightmares. But be warned should you decide to enter SCREAM, actors hide in the shadows waiting to pounce on you. (Warning to the faint-hearted, don't be the first or last person in the group!!)
To clear our thoughts, we walked from Baker Street to Earls Court's Road after that, going through Gloucester Place and Park Lane passing the beautiful architectured buildings and blooming flowers. Earls Court houses many Arab, Iranian, and Lebanese restaurants. We met A there and he recommended we dine at an Indian restaurant and was it worth it!

To burn all the calories away, we did MORE walking and did we walk! Fully satisfied with the scrumptious dinner followed by Arab ice cream, we walked from Earls Court to Marble Arch to Oxford Street passing Selfridges and ending the night with us taking a cab to the hotel which cost us GBP12!!

Scrumptious Indian food courtesy of A

Yummy Arab ice cream

You'll be amazed with Selfridges shop windows as award-winning window team of today has recreated displays from the
past. As Harry Gordon Selfridge used to say ‘Develop imagination throw away routine’.


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