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The most beautiful castle in the world-Day 4-29 May 09

I've only been to one castle in my life and that's Kellie's castle in Ipoh, Malaysia and so I don't really have the right to say that Leeds Castle (it's in Kent, UK by the way) is indeed the most beautiful castle in the world but it sure is the most beautiful I've seen close up.

Hubby did some research the day before and decided to take the Southeastern train in the morning which runs frequent services to and from Bearsted and a coach shuttle service run by Spot Hire is available from the station.

We weren't the only ones to plan this as we had 2 pigeons join us half way through the journey to the dismay of the train attendant. When purchasing tickets, ask them if they have the Group Save offer on- this enables 4 people to travel for the price of two! For train schedules go to: .

We reached the Bearsted station at about 11am and were looking for the Spot Hire shuttle service. As there was no clear sign, we simply waited outsi…

Meeting with the celebrities!

Who would be silly enough to not want to pose with celebrities when you come face to face with them? Certainly not hubby or myself! After waking later than hubby was happy about (it's a holiday for goodness sakes! We're there to relax WHILE playing typical tourists), we took the tube to the Baker Street station. As it was already close to 1pm, there were many queues forming outside Madame Toussaud's and being curious, we found out that it was cheaper to book tickets online (Please remember this whenever you plan a trip to Europe) so we decided to go to a cybercafe to do research on Madame Toussaud's tickets AND other places to visit.

I had mentioned to him that I was interested in visiting the Stonehenge and because there were so many packages to choose from, he wanted to choose one that encompassed places that were close to the Stonehenge to make it more worth it.

My argument was, I would be more than happy just to see the Stonehenge with my own eyes (and I was being…

The London tours begin!

The last time I went for a tour in London was in 1997, just after school exams. My mum was quite high up on the corporate ladder and managed to get me to go with her for her meetings with a French water treatment company in exhange for a downgrade of her flight tickets.

While she attended her meetings, I went for a half day tour to the Tower of London, change of Guards at St James Palace and a stop at Fish & Chips shop.

The last time I came to London was for the weekend of March 2007 when I took the Eurostar from Paris (I was there for the CHANEL fashion show and meetings). I visited my just married Malaysian cousin who lives at Camden Town. She and her hubby brought me around its well-known markets. Since the 1960s, The Roundhouse theatre and music venue has been a centre of alternative culture, and later associated with punk and Goth subcultures.

As hubby hasd't been to London, we decided to be typical tourists visiting tourist sites while keeping in mind his boss's lis…