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The different types of Massages for your different needs

When you're in need of a massage, you would have opted for either a Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu massage or Thai massage depending on your purpose.

The Swedish massage is great first-timers as its long, smooth, sweeping strokes help cramped or tense muscles and improve blood flow to the skin.

Unlike Swedish, in the Balinese massage, techniques are performed very slow and very deep (to clear energy blockages) with essential oil. Also the Balinese will always massage the stomach as this is beneficial for colon health and the reproductive system. Ideal for those with damaged tissue or strained muscles or joints, and for anyone experiencing some emotional loss or trauma.

If you're an athlete and you need pressure on the muscles while relieving pain and healing injuries, the Deep Tissue massage is for you.

The Shiastsu massage involves application of pressure to your body using fingers, thumbs and palms and in turn, freeing blockages that prevent…