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Get Paid to Visit Malls

Caught your attention, didn't I? I first came across this concept a few years ago when I wanted to earn extra money doing freelance work. There was an ad looking for Mystery Shopper supervisors and with nothing to lose, I applied and got the job!
But what exactly is mystery shopping? Basically, mystery shopping involves hiring shoppers by a brand/company to evaluate the service level and product knowledge of their front desk/ customer service or in my case- luxury brand beauty advisors. Sometimes, they also send these shoppers to competing brands.
Once shoppers profiles are approved and trained, they are assigned specific beauty counters and to specific beauty advisors so that every single staff is evaluated fairly. If a brand has counters nationwide, shoppers are hired nationwide as well.
Shoppers then visit the counter, ask about a range of products or a specific product and report on how the beauty advisor tries to convince them to buy the product. Shoppers also note their lev…

Begin Again Movie Inspired Style

"Begin Again" premiered on Fox Movies on Saturday and what a fabulous movie it was. It didn't need explosives and special effects to make it a gem of a movie. The characters are strong enough to pull you into the plot and the scenes unfolded beautifully with New York city in the background. The movie was directed by John Carney who also directed another indie movie, "Once".
I'm not so much into movie musicals (I cringed at Mama Mia despite the stunning Greek scenery) but the songs here are lovely and blended in beautifully with the movie. I would not hesitate to get the Soundtrack. If you enjoyed watching "Once", you should watch "Begin Again". It's not perfect eg Dan's sulky teenage daughter becoming almost cheerful over one meeting with Gretta but it's a feel-good movie so don't expect the reality bites stuff. Plus I liked Keira Knightley's little girl singing voice despite her almost edgy outlook.

Begin Again: Musi…

Too late for Raya Shopping?

Ramadhan seems to have whooshed by and we only have a week left of fasting to do before celebrating Raya (Eid). A few weeks ago, my mum's neighbour gave my mum a lengga set which proved too small for her to wear so I've inherited it :) So that's one task down- Raya Baju shopping.

I usually don't go freaky shopping for Raya (coz that's what the rest of the year is for- just kidding!) but I like to cut and re-colour my hair. My days have been so full recently that I might have to leave it till this coming Thursday, a day before Raya. Yikes!

So since we're on the topic of shopping, have you seen the lovely dresses by Zalia by Zalora? They're so romantic! I wish I was lady-like enough to wear them everyday rather than once or twice a year.
These are my favourite nine pieces from the collection. Not sure if a petite sized person like me can carry these off unless I wear super high heels...hmmm shoes..let's have a look at what Zaful and Zalora have to offer n…