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Ipoh Heritage Trail

Ipoh is my dad's hometown and we would go back every Chinese New Year when I was younger, in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the CNY jams.


Recently, I was part of a team building organizing team which involved using tablets to hunt for clues and go through challenges in Ipoh.

Ipoh might be a sleepy town to some of you (and it's kind of the appeal of the place) but for heritage junkies like me, it was an absolute delight to be able to walk around the Ipoh Heritage Trail (while working ahem). I went there for Ipoh White Coffee just after getting married with hubby a few years ago and didn't realize there were so many things to see. (Perhaps I only had eyes for him, at the time!)

Here are some photos taken during my recent trip. I didn't get to try the famous Nasi Ganja as we were too busy working!

 The first car park in Malaysia is still free!

 The first Oldtown White Coffee at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Ipoh

One of many quaint…

Flower Petal Art by Zhi Wei #art #flowerpetal #zhiwei @zhiwei

Zhi Wei, also known as Limzy, is a Malaysian visual artist  who uses flower petals (arranged as gowns or skirts) to make adorable and unique artworks. Her whimsical flower artworks started on Instagram, back when she was still an art teacher. She lacked time, energy and light to paint big paintings everyday after work. That’s how she ended up with various little things found in her room (e.g. flower petals) as subjects of her artworks.

Many Instagram users started following her work – that was then featured in different websites and magazines like Mayhem Magazine Australia, Push Culture, Uncertain Magazine Singapore and Push Culture.
“I thought a rose looks like a girl’s puffy dress. So I pressed some rose petals between books, and made her a bookmark with a girl wearing a rose dress. And she loves it!” For the love of art, Limzy organizes some workshops where she teach people who are interested in creating illustrations using things you would not think that can be created as an art. …

#Father's Day is around the corner

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My dad- is a man who is kind but also harsh. He is hot-tempered but caring. When growing up, my mum used to work really late nights a few times a week (and sometimes weekends) and so my dad would be the one to watch "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" and X-Files with me and send me to Saturday school activities, friend's gatherings and piano/ballet classes. We used to rent books every few weeks from Novel House or Walk-In bookstore (not sure why we weren't fans of libraries at the time) and rent videos and later VCDs from the nearby video store (now you can guess my age!). We loved watching action movies, thrillers, comedies, and the occasional horror movie.

My dad and I can talk about anything under the sun and he's really up-to-date when it comes to latest trends and developments. He's really artistic but unfortunately, he has not been able to use his talent for bigger things besides creating ads as he f…

Unleash The Power Within

In December last year, when J informed me that Anthony Robbins would be in Singapore for a seminar in May 2015 and that she was thinking of going, I immediately confirmed my interest and bought my ticket. Call it spontaneous, if you like, but I've recently felt the interest to further improve myself, personally and business-wise.

The 3-day seminar promised that it would be good for transforming everything—from your finances, to your relationships, to your health. I thought, it better transform them for the better since I was going to be investing close to RM800 for the cheapest tickets not inclusive of air fare and hotel stay.

As the event date drew nearer and nearer, I also happened to get busier and busier with my businesses and I prayed that this seminar would be worth my time and money. I've attended seminars so hyped-up but you walk away with very little value. What else could Mr Robbins teach me? I felt that I was already pretty content with what I have. I don't hav…