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5 ways to start Working from Home

Different people have different reasons for wanting to work from home. It could be to raise kids, avoid politics at the work place, have more flexible hours and freedom or the worry of having no job to go back to when companies cut back.

Small business owners who want to test the market might choose to start work from home to avoid having to pay high rent and salaries.

So if you are contemplating this decision, what are  five ways of working from home?

1) Start a Direct Selling Business
Eyes widen and jaws drop when the mere whisper of the word MLM or Network Marketing comes into the conversation. I tried it myself for awhile but unless you have a very thick skin and high determination (plus superb selling skills), you might not last long in the business.

MLM businesses come in all sorts of forms. It could be selling cosmetics, health products or even vacations.
Before you decide which MLM to join, do your research. A lot of network marketing companies (insurance and unit trust is a fo…

Viva Circus Festival at PUBLIKA, #KualaLumpur #VivaCircusFestival2014

I admire how some people are able to push their limits all in the name of entertainment. I used to love animal shows when I was a kid but now that I know how much torture the animals endure just to entertain humans, I stay away from such shows. I don't even look at zoos the same way anymore.

Now, human artistic performances are a whole different ball game. These artistes are mostly naturally talented or are groomed from young to hone their talents. Some discover their skills when already grown up.

With people now having such short attention spans, it's amazing that these talented people manage to capture the audience's attention and have them awestruck.

If you, like me, enjoy acrobatic performances and the like, you will be happy to know that Viva Circus Festival is in town.

Established in 2011 as ‘Collision Arts Asia’ Festival, it was rebranded as ‘Viva Circus Festival’ in 2012. Each year the festival gravitates it’s focus around a key theme, and for 2014 its key theme i…

#Tripda- the safer way to carpool

I'm someone who tries to recycle whenever possible and I split my trash into two bundles- food waste and dry waste. I'm not sure that helps much as I live in a condominium and I'm pretty sure that ALL trash gets dumped together before being picked up by the trash collectors.

I avoid using the air-conditioning in hopes that I can reduce the amount of electricity generated (and maybe I'm a bit of a cheapskate) and I make sure that I don't waste too much water by limiting myself to 10-minute warm showers (I used to have cold showers but since discovering the comfort of warm water, I can't do without it) and I only wash hubby and my clothes twice a week.

I would declare myself an environmentalist, but I'm far from being one for sure. As an event planner, it's not unusual to be carrying all sorts of props in my car and taking public transportation is not much of an option unless it's for a meeting in Kuala Lumpur in which case the LRT is a good choice to…

Discover a World of Arts in One Village #MiPAV2014

As the end of the year draws closer, the holiday mood starts setting in for most of us. Those with kids will be looking for activities to engage their kids. So it's just timely that the Malaysia International Performing Arts Village is where you should be if you love anything involving the performing arts.

MiPAV2014 is an international performing arts festival, presented by JKKN, that showcases the arts and culture of 11 participating countries through workshops and performances.

The 11 countries are: Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Singapore, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. #mipav2014

The festival is curated by Dr. Joseph Gonzales of ASWARA, Paul Augustine, Director of Penang Island Jazz Festival and Shantini Venugopal, Director of The Jumping JellyBeans.

For more info, visit the official MiPAV Facebook page

These Genius Lamps Are Designed To Every Nature Lovers Perfection.

by Christen Grumstrup The Poland-based studio Lightovo created an amazing lamp that every nature lover needs in their home. The lamp, called Milo, doubles as a unique and modern mini greenhouse for indoor potted plants. The lamp has a built-in LED light that closely simulates daylight giving the plants exaclty what they need for an indoor atmosphere. Check out this amazing lamp below.  
Lightovo website