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Get the hang of displaying art at home

First, choose your pictures. Photograph: Mission/PA “It looks a little wonky,” says a friend, squinting at the Warhol print on my wall. “Wait! If I tilt my head slightly, it looks … OK.” I survey my (not so) handiwork and realise she has a point. I am attempting a “gallery hang”, grouping pictures together. It turns out a successful display requires time, patience and a lot of research. After much research, trial and error – and relentless searching through interiors websites such as Remodelista and Design Sponge – packed with advice and inspiration – here’s what I learned. Create cohesion The trend to hang art all over the wall is referred to as salon style after the 18th and 19th century Parisian salons. It’s an attractive option because the viewer focuses on the collective effect rather than individual pieces. Start with at least five works. I went for an old French movie poster, alongside photos of tattoos and some text torn from a magazine – all in a similar tone of blue; seemingl…