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A trip to Singapore

Ask any adult who balances work, family, friends and everything else in between how they manage to get friends together to travel together and he'll most probably answer with a laugh and say "It'll take a miracle!" and a miracle did happen to me and 3 childhood friends when we managed to clear our schedules to take a trip to Singapore to visit a friend who has been working there for 3 years. Well, it worked out as J, a teacher, was on her first week of school holidays; S, who was in the middle of a short break from a crash teaching course in Jakarta; J2 who just resigned from her job in Singapore and was packing up to leave for KL in a week, S2 who was clearing her leave and me whose time is still flexible as business is still new. So actually, only 1 friend was really employed during this period of time.

Despite some uncertainty from S who was waiting for her Aussie visa due to the slowness of action by her uni in Aust, three of us managed to ride together on KTM…