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Old School

One thing that never fails to bring laughter in my group of friends from my school days are the things we used to do and the people we had crushes on. Who misses school? I certainly don't! Well, not the studying part, anyway. The only thing I looked forward to were the short breaks where we played jump rope ( I can't believe how flexible I was then! How did we possibly position our legs to flip 6 feet high over the rope made of rubberbands?), puffed ice cream sticks with a fellow classmate to see whose went further, made clothes for our pencils ( pencil boxes with 2 sided magnetic lids were in as "houses" then), had girls chase boys then boys chase girls ( there was even a "fairy-monster" version where caught "fairies" had to be saved and brought "home"), monkey pole, hopscotch...ah..the good fun days.

That's not even mentioning the "in" toys of the 90's such as Lego, My Little Pony, 5 stones and the games we used to cr…

The Big Step

Who doesn't remember their first job interview? I remember feeling important, nervous, very adult. Sure my mum insisted on following me to the interview, what with the big bad wolves lurking around every corner? I don't blame her, though. This wasn't just a big step for me, but for her too. The baby bird taking her first flying lesson.

I did my research on successful interviews- what to wear, what not to wear, how to sit, how to smell, what to ask ( who cares if the questions were meant for shareholders and not fresh graduates like me). The manager gave me a confused look when I asked whether I would get a share of profits if I joined the company. What an idiot I was then! I must have asked and answered the right things the rest of the way because I got a call a few days later offering me my first big job as Boutique Assistant in an international French luxury brand.

Welcome to the world of luxury!

My wise words for fresh graduates who are just about to apply for jobs or prep…

First clouds

Well, here I am, exposing my little clouds of thought for the first time. How do people do it with such ease? Without the feeling that their thoughts don't really matter? Their wise words just filling the empty zones of cyberspace?

"Who cares?" You may say, "it's for my own reading pleasure."

Alright, that's a good enough reason, but why not just write in a diary then? I used to diligently write in diaries when I was younger. I made them extra special by pasting ticket stubs, drawing in them, leaving traces of tears on ink behind. To me these little items left proof that I was indeed happy, sad or angry. I loved the fact that I could curse and swear without anyone knowing. I wrote and wrote till I was about 16 then as I started socializing more and more, the pages I wrote got less and less. There was simply no time!

I do regret that I no longer write in my diary. I've missed important moments of my life(in writing, of course) -graduating from school t…